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  1. I'm trying to block skype native windows. Have you tried? I see that Skype is registered in the Windows directory called "program files 86\windowsapp"
  2. Dear debugs men, I have on my manages a park of 3000 licenses. 9.2 KSC managing KES8 and KAV 6 as it is on topic! Recently there was a general problem of database updates these versions. The procedure that I made to try to fix was passed me by companyAccount support: 1 Stop updates tasks, staying in manual; 2- clean the update repository; 3- Start the task of "atiualizações download to the repository" and expect to complete; 4 Start the seasons updates tasks; after performing this procedure about 5 times on different schedules, unable to remedy the problem. 2 test performed: Using kaspersky 2.0 update utility: 1- The KSC is fully released with web access; 2. The update wizard completed and found that there are updates available in the folder; 3- I created an update task KES 8 and KAV 6 (for specific computers) and the settings indicated the folder of the update utility as a source; 4- The tasks result in an error: corrupted files. Some indication for this case? In January 2015 will update the version but now I have more than half of computers without updates if critical!
  3. thanks for the feedback, I was wrong in versions!
  4. How can I approve on the site there is a disclosure, but have not found a link to download. Tks..
  5. Thank Tsapovsky, your answer was very wise. I heed not me setting this up ... :bravo: Problem solved ... :cb_punk:
  6. Colleagues, recently realized that when going in the object properties of the group, the task session, I can not run them. The KES is with the patch 'A' and Netagent patch with 'C' ... Someone's in the same case? Attached is a picture! Thank you.
  7. I appreciate your interest in helping me in this situation but I have a ticket in and we companyaccount progredimento with the correction. Corrected this problem on some clients short stature but with a client that has over 2000 licenses the problem still occurs. as soon as I get some positive news, I forward!
  8. I have a question in replication policies KSC KSC master to slave. I have some policies that need special features in the component "control devices", where rules need to release and lock USB. How can I have these two policies being inherited by KSC slave? Today KSC slave only inherits settings "Managed Computers" group and if I insert another policy, the former is disabled. How can I block and allow polítca being managed by KSC master? :dash1:
  9. Regarding the procedure indicated, remade a few times and did not get satisfactory results. Following reports attached! ERRORS.rar
  10. I have noticed that every day when the machines switch off, it reported a large number of machines that stay with the status of "Protection OFF" and "Kaspresky is Not Running". When off, the machines that are OK should only show green and no connection icon. This procedure is normal? For already installed the most current pacths and always have the delay in this case. Always like this: "Protection OFF"> "Kaspresky is Not Running". tks
  11. Kaspersky suporte INC000003329961 KSC console closing constantly At the moment, I'm upgrading to KSC patch C. tks.
  12. The files are available at this link: https://www.unimedpf.com.br/DiegoB/dump.rar Because the files are large, it is best to share as well! Thank you.
  13. Recently I came across this problem the attached picture, only happens when I create a package or independent facility for a while when I'm in the dashboard KSC. He issues this warning and automatically closes the console. Have you ever seen this problem? thank you
  14. This is certainly interesting! Have I stumbled upon this question in front of the client and what I said was that the component is included in antimalware and antivirus along with the email. Given this situation, what is right? What component that works similar to the antispam kav6?
  15. Hello, sorry for the delay: KSC master and slaves:Win S 2012 e KES 10 Now that launched the WSEE, I'm installing some ...
  16. Sorry for the delay. But since I performed a fresh install of KSC along with the changes you showed me, but at the moment it still fails. I still have this problem you have to solve some indication? I searched the forum but found only vague answers and a solution.
  17. Every station that is being managed by the slave KSC I can not go in the properties of KES and stop / start. I made a similar to the client's environment, but in the laboratory, and the problem does not occur! Can be problems administration account, but I already removed and inserted again in KLAdmins and it still fails. KSC 10.1.249 and 18 slaves newly installed according to the manufacturer's standard
  18. Yes, I created another account to test and insert within that group and the same case occurs. I did a test with an independent policy within the group, eliminating the legacies of policies KSC Master and managed to stop and start the KES but the tasks do not! The tasks I can not create independently. KSC is a picture my master and the other is inherited policies. tks
  19. I'm with some questions in managing KES slaves servers. My problem is that if I manage the tasks of the group in the object properties of KES at KSC (Master / Slave) I can not. (picture attached) this function I can not make it due to the server to be a slave? How can I manage this? The attached images show basically what I'm asking! Thanks for the effort
  20. I'm going through this case, is attached the picture of the problem. I can upgrade the internet, but with the task sent by KSC remains 2%.
  21. Hello Nikolay Arinchev, The patch you sent me is not to KES10MR1.
  22. Senhores, tenho um caso intrigante na versão KAV 6 referente a licenciamento: Em um grande cliente de Fortaleza-ce que ainda há estações com o s.o XP indiquei a instalação do KAV para que não impactasse no desempenho das estações. Até aí tudo bem, mas do nada 70 estações ficaram sem atualizações e quando verifiquei a fundo vi que a licença não estava ativa. Tentei aplicar a licença manualmente e também não consegui. Já remotamente a tarefa conclui, mas quando envio a tarefa de atualização ela conclui com erro, emitindo "licença ausente" Alguém está passando por esse caso? Em anexo segue as imagens do caso. obg.
  23. hello Nikolay In my workstation the problem does not happen, the problem persists on the client! The worst is that I can not see the patch installed in any of the two stations ... how do I view it in my report and the KSC interface in KES not reported anything to me.
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