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  1. Confirmed - in my case FP is fixed. I update database feew minutes ago and "Database published time" is 15:25:47 Why database time is so delayed ? is it timezone problem?
  2. Massage from KAV LAB: False alarm fixed. Please update local bases. Please quote all when answering. ----------------- Regards, Kirill Erakhtin Virus Analyst, Kaspersky Lab.
  3. After this update I discover one more thing: Opera web browser start to "hang up" during downloading files. When I disable and unload KIS opera start to work fine (without restart Opera). Before klin update there wasn't any problems like this. Since update I'm not able to correct use my Opera .
  4. Let's try to pause protection while downloading file via web browser like example: Opera. Is it still working ?
  5. Hello, Today after automatic update klin network driver I discover problems with Enable/Disable protection. After manual disable protection I'm not able to enable it because of enable buton is not active. Before klin driver update there wasn't any problems with Enable/Disable protection. KIS is not able to disable protection. When I try to disiable protection KIS is still active and Is able to detect thread (but all services in KIS are disabled) and "Enable" protection button is not active. Redgards Bildos Update: Problematic component is Web Anti-Virus because of is not abele to pause just hang at "pausing"
  6. 7.0 you can download for free from ftp://ftp.kaspersky.com/products/english/... Upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0 is free.
  7. Why did you buy KAV ? If you need firewall you should buy KIS (Kaspersky Internet Secutrity) with embedded firewall...
  8. You can try to use User Profile Hive Cleanup 2 New version contain: Rewrote UPHClean to properly handle quick user logon and logoff. This version also added code to help profile load/unloads when other processes temporarily open files (like virus scanners) that could prevent complete profile loading and unloading.
  9. It's hard to say.. Now I know what can be areason of this error.. At Network Connection proprtsies I manually uninstall minifilter driver.... sorry but I forget about it...
  10. The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: KLIM6 Any one have similar problem ? KIS 7.0.125 with regular updates. OS: Vista Business 32bit
  11. I recommand use "Block contenct" in Opera browser . Anyway KIS should have in the future feature like this one...
  12. And here is some more information about polish version http://www.kaspersky.pl date of realise and prices (for home and commercial use).
  13. Do you have enable checking encypted traffic ? If yes change this to "Do not chec encrypted connections" Let's try to set "Filtration system mode" to High Speed. Redgards
  14. Yes we have to think about new malware.. but old malware can be good training for heuristic engine...
  15. Why NOD32 heuristis is so good ? Answer is simple.... As I read it severam monts agoe. Eset (NOD32) when the create new heuristic engine they test it at OLD malware database... They made tests to detect as mutch as it posible old malware without signatures. As I remember NOD32 was able detect over 80%... How it is with KIS 7.0 ? I don't know it KAV Labs made similar test like Eset ?
  16. Updater service update modules to fix vulnerability in KAV/KIS 6... too
  17. For first scan was used oryginal Rootkit.Win32.Fu. For second Rootkit.Win32.Fu was protected by ntkrnlprotector. Most AV still don't support ntkrnlprotector. Now you know why Kaspersky is good AV
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