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  1. No changes, other than the occasional windows updates. The user account for the successful manual backup was the same I always use for day-to-day admin tasks; a local administrator on the server (but not full Administrator).
  2. On about the 15th of this month, the automated backup task stopped working for me in KSC10. When I try to manually run it, it says there is no list of computers for the specified task and fails to run. As far as I can find, there is no way to specify hosts on this task, nor can I create a new 'backup admin server' task to take this one's place. Manually running a backup via klbackup works fine, I'd just prefer to have the automated one work again if possible... has anyone had a similar issue?
  3. It's just a shame that we get more timely, and helpful, responses here than from the 'official' channels.
  4. I have, yes; both an automatic one and a manual run one, even one under 'tasks for specific computers'. The tasks complete fine, users complain of sluggishness while they're scanning etc, they simply don't update the status afterward.
  5. In my case, they were mostly migrations, but a few clean installs are showing the same behavior, as well. The objects to scan are exactly as described in the article, and before the 'upgrade' to KES10/KSC10 converted the task, it worked fine on KES8.
  6. I've noticed almost all my machines showing 'not scanned for a long time' as well, despite task logs for automatic and even in some cases on-demand scans showing successful runs. I know it's a big bit of software, but come on, Kaspersky. Don't make us trade one set of bugs for another.
  7. I'm very interested in this as well, though we only have around 50 workstations this would have saved a lot of headache and walking remote users through it.
  8. make a .cmd or .bat file that runs the command line, make an installation package for just that little file, then deploy it as a 'task for specific computers' to all the clients. works when I have to do command line stuff on all the clients, since we don't have a typical windows domain setup for stuff like that.
  9. I'm seeing inconsistent network latency issues after installing KES10 on a heterogeneous mix of WindowsXP x86 and Windows7 x64 workstations. The network lag seems to be related to the NDIS filter, which one somewhat problematic user keeps telling everyone to disable. Obviously, I'd like to keep the firewall and network attack blocker functional, so my question is this: Is anyone else having this issue, and if so, does Kaspersky have any response to it that I've overlooked in my searching?
  10. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=1975830 This should fix your problem. It's worded oddly in the options menu.
  11. You're welcome. I was on my way to being pretty mad at kaspersky for not having that option in our license anymore... thankfully I found that article and tried it anyway. It was alarming to not see that option, as we depend on it for some of our PCI compliance. Minor bug, the text being wrong, but the web control blocked site editor actually works now, and I have yet to see any 'unprocessed items' that won't go away... so all in all I'd say an improvement.
  12. According to this: http://support.kaspersky.com/9287 There is a check box for 'Display application and hardware control components'; however in the program it seems to actually be labeled (even in the accompanying picture) as 'Display Advanced Anti-malware'. Checking that box shows the endpoint control on converted policies, at least for me.
  13. The patch does fix the issue, partly. What I've found with mine is that while it never shows anything on the KSC interface in the 'unprocessed items' repository, on the local machines there will be unprocessed objects stored. Somehow the information about the items in question isn't making it to the server.
  14. From what I can tell, it has to do with a change to how the newer OSX versions of samba talks to the windows network. So far the only workaround I've found is removing and reinstalling the network agent on the Mac clients; but even that only fixes it for about a week. I saw somewhere else on the forums that there is a fix in the works for it but can't find the post; my original account here (which had the thread marked) was inexplicably locked, and the admins don't seem to answer emails.
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