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  1. There appear to be 2 web Kaspersky sites "http://usa.kaspersky.com/" and "http://www.kaspersky.com/" There appear to be differences e.g. Current version of KIS 2016 on usa.kaspersky is & on the other is 160.00.614(d) Are both sites genuine?
  2. 1. It is hard drive activity, as [a] the drive light flashes at the 1 sec interval and I can hear the drive head activity 2. The activity occurs even when not on-line (Wi-Fi turned off) and also Windows update turned off 3. If KIS is stopped, the drive activity stops. As soon as KIS is restarted, the drive activity starts I have uploaded the GetSysInfo. The link is http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...da9597ff0761e49
  3. I have KIS 2016 installed (but KIS 2015 also did the same thing) on an XP Pro SP3 machine. For hours on end, every 1 second there is a burst of high disk activity. This usually starts 5 - 10 mins after the machine is turned on. The KIS app says that no scans (virus or rootkit) or updates are taking place. I've looked on Task Manager, and it seems that processes csrss.exe & lsass.exe are involved as well. If I exit KIS the activity stops immediately. For the sake of my hard drive, can any one tell me how to stop this, please?
  4. Why is US website (www.kaspersky.com) showing KIS 2016 as current supported version, but UK website (www.kaspersky.co.uk) still showing KIS 2015 as current version?
  5. I have now looked in the detailed Update Report (I wasn't familar with this before) and the update did download from the test source. I have a test source in my configuration, but it is set as inactive, and has been for some months (see attached). KIS seems to have ignored the 'Inactive' setting
  6. 'patch_d.execute' & 'patch_d_kis2015mr2.msp', both with file creation dates of 09 July 2015 18:46:27, so I assume they are correct. I was just curious why: - a. One machine updated & the other one hasn't (It is Win 7 Professional 32-bit, so the patch might be OS dependant) b. More interestingly, why I can't find any information on patch d in the forum
  7. I have 2 PC's, both running Internet Security (individual licences, not multi-user) One PC is showing version as© the other is I can find no reference to patch d anywhere. Both machines have "Kaspersky Lab update servers" as their update source. Can anyone explain this, please? What is the current release version.
  8. Sorry - replied to the wrong post before. It's not fixed for me - the problem has just appeared in the last couple of days on 2 machines, following a routine automatic update. I've had to turn off email scanning just to be able to use them - not good!! I haven't registered an Incident no., because I thought the problem was in hand. It's now June and I can't find a "B" release/patch and yet it seems some people are getting a fix. What's going on? Why the secrecy?
  9. It's not fixed for me - the problem has just appeared in the last couple of days on 2 machines. I've had to turn off email scanning just to be able to use them - not good!! Can we please have the problem sorted for everybody, either by a formal update release or the relevant info. posted for all to see?!? What's going on?
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