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  1. I made may own release, with all updated integrates, I'm an consultant IT and I can't loose time updating every PC ... Why work FIRST and now this is a PROBLEM ? Concurrency ???? Tried before unistall the version 15.0.2, nothing change... so I revert to 15.0.1 which work perfect... ****************************************** Never mind.... I solved the problem in my way. I've installed the old version, 15.0.1 and works perfect.... I really can't understand, there are no testers ???? How can complains a lot of people of this, this release was tested before ??? I'm scared because Windows 10 is at the door, can Kaspersky make a release compatible at the same time with the launch of W10 ? I said that because, I used Windows 8 6 months without antivirus, Kaspersky launched the first release COMPATIBLE 6 month after !!!!!!!! (W8 was release in July, the first release of compatible Kaspersky was in JANUARY, 6 month later).... And of course, I lost 6 month of PAID LICENSE ! :pray:
  2. I came back with the same problem.... Meanwhile, I change my PC, upgraded processor, ram & motherboard.... SAME ISSUE... Kaspersky use a lot of resources.... http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...22f1f97747f5924
  3. 2 days ago I updated to 15.0.2.... from this day, anytime the CPU (i7 4770K) goes to 100%.... With previous version, 15.0.1 everything goes OK.... I don't made a clean install, but I execute setup with old version installed. The only way to turn "normaly" is force close or restart .... What can be ? (Win 8.1 Pro x64, SSD, 32GB Ram) Thank you
  4. Hi everyone. There is a method to update the Add-ons after Firefox update (to version 26)? The "traditional" method doesn't work Thank you in advance... edit: del unsupported modification.
  5. I try all ... nothing... the component remain disable... You see the last image, all are active and, I can configure them, enable... disable... Why should I use a HALF VERSION of Pure ???
  6. It would be nice to see on Update page (where are the downloads) this announce, because the user must know what are the "problems" if made this update, I really don't want understand why must research and research to find this "hidden" message... Not all user have a certain skill to understand this process and can avoid all unpleased being advised which process don't work if are made this update... My 2 cent...
  7. I understand this... But, like I said, version 12.0.1 works PERFECT... with all component activated... I reinstalled and everything goes fine... If we look back in time, Pure changed every 2 years... Version 2 "born" on first quarter of 2012, Pure 3 will be ready for... 2014...
  8. Meanwhile, I return to oldest version and everything works... I confirm again that the UPDATE to newest version don't work...
  9. Here is REPORT of GetSystemInfo. I was wrong, on this computer I have Windows x64 PRO....
  10. I have a problem. First of all, I use Windows 8 x64 Enterprise (regular activation). I "update" my Kaspersky Pure (update don't working from 12.0.1, remove and install the new version) saving activation data, configuration... I go to see the configuration and I see this: But, when I enter to see the components, some are deactivated, like in this image: I go to setting to control if everything is OK, and even here the components are missing: I remove Pure and reinstall, same problem... The oldest version (12.0.1) work perfect Windows 8 x64 Enterprise... Solutions ? Thank you in advance.
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