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  1. I figured it out!!! I went back and selected "safe mode with networking" and took it from there..... Thanks again. I really do find Kaspersky customer support lacking and not sure I will renew once my subscription is up. But thanks to you I got things sorted and my email is working again...so happy :-)
  2. Rich - Please if you could help me again? Step #5 Run the removal tool in safe mode? What is the Removal Tool? I do not see anything in safe mode. Also the http://support .kaspersky link you show.....where is that? I tried to type it in but there is no internet in safe mode. I am stuck at numer 5! Also, at the bottom you show download links for Pure 2.0 (build do I install this after the critical fix download? Just asking becasue it isn't labelled #7. Rich, Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello Rich - Thank you so much for letting me know. I had no idea.... I find this site very difficult and still don't understand how to send the report to them. It said to put the link in my original post which was this forum. I will try the steps below and see if it works. This all started after a update. Thanks again .
  4. Okay I found the Get System Report Information. Below is the Link...I hope I have done this properly. In conjunction to my Windows Mail (Vista) not working while KIS is activated I also can not delete KIS as I keep getting a pop-up stating "This action in only valid for products that are currently installed." Get System Report Please let me know next step. -------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Seriously? You guys talk jibberish. I am a 50 year old woman who does not know computers very well and I am really starting to hate your service, and your product. Where the heck is GetSystemInfo report link and where is fifth important topic? At least supply the link so I just have to click it and voila be directed there....wow such a novel idea! Bettery yet, how about a phone number where I can actually speak to someone in English and get my problem solved.
  6. Hello - This is my first time to this forum. My issue is that when KIS in activated (turned on) my Windows email will not work. When I turn off KIS my email works again. I have checked MS system checker to see if I am missing files etc....keep coming up with everything okay. I tried to uninstall KIS but keep getting a pop-up saying "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed" I also did system restore to previous date but, that too did nothing. I noticed a file showing Patch_Stolen OEAS.dll Another forum suggested that KIS owns oeas.dll and therefore it is a bug on their end? Please help! Thank you.
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