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  1. Thanks for reply @Rodion Nagornov: Quickly I will go over each question 1) Happens each time I include links on my posts >> I will try to take a screenshot to posted 2) The blurriness is on the name of the member, who post the question: I'll try a screenshot too 3) The Invision Power - Should include a public explanation like other Forums software does 4) Don't find those pinned pack of Rules nowhere. Before it used to be in My controls To resume I'll posted back soon with screenshots: Now I apologize for comment on the mikethebike thread,.Didn't know only authorized members can do that
  2. Hey! mikethebike : Welcome to KL-Suggestions forum..Me Too I posted my disappointment with some New forum features, with the purpose to discuss the matter in KTS Sub-Forum but I was sent here 2-Days ago & So far haven't received any reply - Hope Ube lucky You can read my thread here, just scroll down a bit,..So read you around!
  3. Welcome >> The description written by yourself match the way KPM = Kaspersky Password Manager works to learn this Tech article - OoPs! - Hope these links works or Retype them a New forum ver. Bug 1) : Also you can read some of the Question-Answers posted on this KPM-Forum Also for more Info..about the latest version: Goto the Top of this KPM-Forum page and click the first important topic called " Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0 MR6 (version released is shameful that..I typed that Link but the New forum version it doesn't opened - SeeYa!
  4. @baqui63 : To Question 1 - Here's a possible fix for..Restore default Settings it applies to KIS-2017: So I guess work for KTS- as well Open KTS-MainPage >>Settings >> on General -Tab >>scroll Down to >>Manage settings and >>From options shown >>Select "Restore settings" >>click [Next] the default settings-Restore is carry out >>A confirmation appears >>Click on [Finish] Next open the Firewall to confirm its default settings..Did work.? Hope another member help you with the VPN issue - stay Tuned!
  5. Thanks for posting back @JK22 - All right if that's the case I'm pretty much done with this your course of action is Wait for another reply..If Not better report the case to Technical Support at : ..Just follow steps to Send the request
  6. Welcome to KL-Forums: Also you can try to block the website using the Parental Control app Follow steps on this Link: : If links doesn't open Retype them If Parental app fails: on your PC - Open File Explorer >>click this PC >>click Windows (C:) >>Scroll to windows and double left click >>Find system32 >>click Drivers >>Select etc >>Right click Hosts >>Open with >>Notepad and click >>oK : Next on bottom screen type as example Goto File upper left corner >>click Save :: Next open default browser & type on search bar: as example & Press Enter..It would say "Site Not reached" So enter your site - URL & space after last # Note: In this case the "" opens 'cause I didn't get thru the Steps..outlined above in my PC
  7. Thanks to richbuff for that answer..Regarding the issue of Non-Displaying my really Nick I found the way to fixed, from my settings Profile - But still haven't some difficulties to navigate, read clearly and Testing links before sending my posts So here are some PROS and CONS PROS: 1) Overall the surfing on the KL-Forum Interface is faster 2) The new feature of Notify the user of recent answers to an "x" Topic is a Plus 3) Include on Forum top bar Links like: Knowledge Base - Virus Desk - Twitter,.etc. oxon! CONS: 1) When I type any post and included links in former Forum version. I used to Tested my links or any attached - Screenshot, video or file by using the "Preview" but now can Not do that : When I'm on the Preview screen & Pass the mouse over the link the "Hand icon" to select text doesn't appears 2) Blurry Text not easy to read : When a new question is posted its Tittle is bolded in green but the Author nickname is hard to read: It need a darker backround theme. Noticed that they applied a soft green theme - On the 5More important topics..Do it in all the page 3) Regarding the Ranking categories: Most Forums have a webpage, where explain the different Rank positions like: Candidate for Newbies - Cadet I don't.. get it - Huha! and "Forum is my faith or Arthur Conan Doyle"..?? 4) Can't find the webpage wit the Administrative rules - That most Forums has it at Front page was removed.? Anyway if anybody have answer or comments on this Forum version >>Send it
  8. Also in addition to the above reply..Try the following If the Update app-Notified you - That an "Update is Required" proceed to Update the dataBase manually >>Just left click the Update icon in >>KIS-Main Interface and >>click the button < Run Update > When finished >>Right click the Kaspersky "K" icon on Notification bar and click < Exit > Restart the computer: When the PC get to normal Wait at least 2hrs >>Next open KIS-MainPage again >>Left click the Update icon & Look on bottom left corner it will display the time of the "Last Update" Bye!
  9. Open this link : 2) The new KL-Interface doesn't allow to Test links in advance, so if this link Not open type it manually in your - Default browser and report results If still not open forget it and TYPE this query in your browser [ Outlook 2016 - Reported inactive Add-In. How to fix this..] It will display useful Info..To fix your issue
  10. Attention : As stated for some members above the new Kaspersky-Antivirus it has been installed for some users, but is Not official available to download from the KL-Forum but we can start to read..About its requirements on this article posted recently Minimum Hardware and Software Required to download Kaspersky ver. Link: After open the link, please scroll & click the last line : 11152 release notes kis en.html
  11. Thanks for post back @CrozZ - Sorry disappointed you, but better wait for another answer or report the issue to TechSupport at :
  12. The conflict between - Run your websites in (Protected browser) or (Continue in normal window) is older: If you select "Continue in normal window" and kept the ✔ mark next time the site will be open, without offer to select anything Lot of users adopt this setting 'cause when they select "Open in protected browser" it fails and display the hated orange Popup that "KIS is not providing complete protection of your data" and that "Protection against screenshots is Disabled" The settings mentioned for yourself are customizable, when open SafeMoney and click one website We can change settings if clicked on the "Wheel icon = Settings" 1) Run protected browser 2) Prompt for action : 3) Do Not run protected browser..The Safe$$ by default comes with: "Prompt for action" but is changeable to get it work: Optional report the issue to Tech.Support at :
  13. As mentioned find out a way to Unblock those websites by carry out a Clean up with CCleaner another action is reported to Virus desk: To do that..just goto the top Page on this forum and click on "Virus desk" once opened enter the URL of your fishy sites if Not lucky report the issue to Tech Support at the following Link: **Hope they make the - Virusdesk link shorter like before,.?
  14. The KPM = Kaspersky Password Manager it allow to access any website for which the user has created an account previously, so if you've a group of Sites that don't want that KPM opens. Just goto KPM-Main page >>Websites-Tab >>Click on each-1 to Delete them & Done deal..If want them back, create its account again Latest Update on this Topic - The OP reported as fixed issue..Stay tuned!