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  1. oK thanks for confirm the KPM version. Now if the only problem is with the display of double - Login screens take the case to Tech support Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create Log in and fill up the steps >>Type the problem description and [Send request] G. Luck
  2. is hard to guess which version of KPM - Have you Reinstalled since you don't mentioned install the latest version : click the word : Here in either Posts 6 or 7 Link : https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?topic/394485-kpm9-i-cant-select-text-on-notes Like I said find Post 6 or 7 >>click it to Download and install after..Hope fix the double Screens
  3. Indio

    checking if a i have auto renewel on

    in that case We can Not help too much. Your choices would be.. 1) consider Upgrade all PC's to KTS versions 2018 or 2019 2) To update all the subscription package information : Contact klab Technical Support at least a week, before validity expiration day Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create
  4. Hi jadbreen : To resolve this problem quickly better contact - Tech Support Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create : Hope this helps
  5. Indio

    checking if a i have auto renewel on

    What's up Arsenal123.. - open this FAQ Tech article and click the 1st line it may help to clarify, some Auto Renewal subscriptions doubts..Bye Link : https://usa.kaspersky.com/renewal-upgrade-faq
  6. @Lyn1990 : You're handling the case with TECHSupport if its solutions doesn't work the contributors or any member here, will help you out,.so stay Tuned!
  7. while Berny get back to you : To Post your website - URL for Review do this : 1) When you open the Kaspersky Internet Security & Antivirus Forum webpage : 2) Click on the first important topic called KSN Kaspersky Security Network : Domain Security Rating and Goto last page 34 >>Type the website - URL here
  8. From - All events - screen you can Not [delete = Clear] the reports and objects storage you have to Navigate to "Reports and Quarantine" this way : Settings >>Additional here find >>Reports and Quarantine >>on this Screen you can click [Clear] to delete all files - Reports : This action is not necessary because as explained - All these events - are deleted monthly. Hope this help
  9. I don't quite understand your quote above.? (although you can't change them) if that component - System Watcher - appears greyed out : How you manage to checked Found this screenshot that shows..The included protection features on KFA it may help or wait for a member. Who has KFA to confirm or deny if System watcher was add it..?
  10. Here's one more nail on this buggy - KIS : dataBase Updates system I had some quick Scans stop at [ 1% ] But daily updates were working ok normally the 1st Update definitions start at 5:00 AM : but today stuck @100 * Launch sooner the patch that will fix this malfunction
  11. @DanyM..I'm not a computer savvy - just stated my personal opinion on the issue To hide your IP there're apps onLine like "What is my IP address" and others meantime wait for a more technical answer or contact Tech support Link : https://center.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create
  12. Wouldn't considered a good idea to Shut down the internet after any installed VPN finish its connection to a server. You need to have the internet active to perform other computer tasks..!
  13. Congrats to KIS_USER and Criptonomicon for have been resolved their problem with the launch of VB=Virtual Box app : Weird that a Financial security software like - Trusteer Rapport was causing compatibility issues..Hope the other member above fix his VB bug as well | keep us updated
  14. Report which version of KTS=Kaspersky Total Security..You've installed The above error happens mostly in Chrome is this browser your default..?
  15. The smart choice is contact klab Technical Support use this Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create Fill up first steps..next Type the problem description and [Submit] it

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