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  1. Please don't go elsewhere, you're with the best antivirus worldwide,.Hehe! joking Listen this problem could be due to a glitch on the Safe Money app that doesn't recognize the default browser, so let's troubleshot this issue Open Kaspersky - HomePage >>Settings >>Protection >>On the list of Kaspersky components >>Find - Safe Money and clicked >>Scroll down to the section Additional >>Move the mouse pointer to [Default browser] click on it From the list of browsers >>select - Mozilla Firefox & close the Safe$ window Might not necessary, but better Restart the computer and open after the Safe money app : open a website to verify if the bug was fixed..?
  2. Provide a screenshot or the message displayed on that verification stage: Normally if after install your latest KIS version - in the first access to Safe Money it displayed a brown square frame on Safe$ window, even thought you selected open that website in Save protection, you've troubles the app won't work on that site The reason is that..Your PC virtualization is Disabled: There's a method to Enable the Virtualization but doesn't work for most users. To check if the "Virtualization is Enabled" do this: Type this key combination: Alt+Ctrl+Del >> From the options displayed >>click on Task Manager >>Performance >>view if virtualization is Enabled - Also check if "Hyper-V support" is Yes-No : Report results of this check and anybody can provide you the procedure to Enable the virtualization feature
  3. Hello to el_arantis: Unfortunately couldn't find the - offline setup file..So wait for someone, who provide that method or downloaded from this link: Which is the recommended by the "Forum Admins" on the 2nd pinned topic above Link: https://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/thank-you/internet-security ✔
  4. @lindyann: In addition to block any setting to Stop ads in Web Anti-Virus you can Goto : Settings >>Additional >>Notifications and Uncheck any settings that..You don't wan to Be displayed on screen ✔
  5. Scanning on this KTS-SubForum found this question without answer: This issue about invalid certificates isn't easy task that's why. I refer the OP to this topic that is not about "https websites" but might help to clear the DNS cache follow steps on Post-10: Also access that website from different browser may help too..Read answers Down below.!
  6. Welcome to Juan: If you haven't modified any settings on this "Anti-Virus" component those are the default settings that comes, with the KFA - Kaspersky Free Antivirus and might No need the Kaspersky Protection extension, which is an extra safety layer In resume: The "Anti-Virus" is an important component that nobody disabled: Now if you want to install the Klab Protection - just Goto your default browser >>Settings >>click on extensions >>Find kaspersky Protection and click -Enabled- and ready.! Also as test check the settings: ✔Automatically activate Kaspersky protection extension in browsers: ✔ check URL's : In Additional section >> ✔ Check all settings except the last-1..Those are the default settings on My KIS-2018: Web Anti-Virus
  7. KTS 2018 and DNS errors

    Thanks for posting back to amir_s : Before provide you with some troubleshoots..Please send a GSI = Get System Information on a new post. You can download the tool from here Link: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system
  8. KTS 2018 and DNS errors

    1) Have you modified any settings on your KIS-2018..? 2) Did you clear the caches in all the browsers and Reboot after.. 3) Provide screenshot or clearly type the DNS error message displayed Note: After answered these questions, any member here could help you out.!
  9. Why I'm not able to install Secure connection..? : This app is installed together with Kaspersky Total Security its icon is placed on the desktop: What is the message shown when you Try to opened..Does it let you to enter any country at all Re: You still protected on the 'Net by Private browsing if enabled ✔
  10. VPN and NordVPN

    Did you carry out with the fixes by NordVPN in the link above. Try them all if Not resolved. You and Hoppity contact NordVPN Technical Support the issue could be in its program if they don't offer additional solutions - contact : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/home Remember you've the alternative to Switch to KSC >>Kaspersky Secure Connection is free for the first 300 MB - NordVPN doesn't has good reviews onLine
  11. VPN and NordVPN

    To test if your kaspersky antivirus is causing interference - Pause the protection open Kaspersky from desktop icon >>Settings >>General >>click the green Switch off >>next click [Continous] to Turn off completely Klab protection now Try to open nordVPN if it works: kaspersky maybe blocking something..? to Return the kaspersky Protection do the reverse steps of Turned off Also try these fixes to connect the NordVPN and report results Link: https://support.nordvpn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000846965-unable-to-connect
  12. To 1st question: If there's merit in purchasing KSC - I finding useful for non-Heavy web users 300 MB's free for Kaspersky customers and those who surfing the 'Net a lot can buy the premium version Question-2) The HotSpot Shield fiasco: Kaspersky as other antivirus on the market make use of this app to launch its entry-Level VPN's : The snooping issue is uncomfirmed yet..? All the antivirus, Registry cleaners, VPN's, OS's spy on their users ⤵ Question-3) The main kaspersky 2017 products like: KIS-KTS comes with the Built-In KSC when get installed the icon is placed on the Desktop: By default it remains off is upto the user to Turned on: So if is off won't interfere with nordVPN
  13. Please contact Technical Support - Link: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create
  14. In this case Technical Support is better qualified to answered it.. Please contact them at : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/home
  15. Listen I'm not expert on this issues. But for Me is not advisable to run 2-Scans together let's say youGo ahead with MBAM = Malwarebytes first the Premium ver. scan takes 5-10 mins to finish up and What about if find PUP or viruses..will ask you to "Delete or quarantine" or even Restart the computer But if you're running a KTS-Full scan too it takes 20-30 mins to ending and back to the point if MBAM found threats, how would you attend its findings, so running a 2nd Scan would create a conflict - Also consider the higher usage of memory resources tha 2-Scans would take : But anyway Try on and let the Forum know the results..Seeya!