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  1. i n d i o

    Request: Linux compatible KPM

    Welcome to potatoboi : Listen any suggestion to Add a feature to Kaspersky programs, should be Send to Technical support. But for features to Be added it to KPManager : There's a thread, where you can include the Linux OS - Here's Just click on the bolded title to open it or your topic could be merged too -
  2. Welcome to kaspersky English forum Those points appears to Be wiser..? So no doubt will be useful for the klab DevTeam. But you've to submit them to the right place : Retype the 2 points and Send them to Tech support : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create Log in my kaspersky account >> Fill up first steps >> click - Request type - select "Feedback" >> click on : I have a suggestion - write down your 2 points and - >> Send it to Tech support : Good luck
  3. Report what Kis = Kaspersky internet security version, you've installed also your Windows OP-System : Send a screenshot of the notification to verify if offers a [Block or Continue] buttons : How to take screenshots - Link : https://support.kaspersky.com/492 Sometimes a simple < Exit > From kaspersky taskbar icon and Restart the computer fix the problem, so do that too : Finally if none of the above works reTry to add that app to Exclusions. if enter its App - URL doesn't work >> Enter it as File or App name Use this link : https://support.kaspersky.com/13971 Explain more on how windows try to Enter that app - URL..? Also could you elaborate more, about what the term "carpet" means
  4. Welcome to English user forum : That change it has to Be carry out by kaspersky Developers -Team : so better retype and Send your suggestion to this webPage Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create Log in my kaspersky >> Fill up first steps >> When get to the "Request type" select - Feedback >> click on - I have a suggestion - Type the suggestion details and - >> Send it : Hope this help out..
  5. Thanks for quick reply : if you have an active "my kaspersky account " contact klab Technical support - Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create Asking to remove the Popups from, your Free version and post here the answer
  6. Welcome : is well known that Free versions, from any antivirus brand whether is on computers, tablets or Mobile versions it comes full with whatever is called - Ads or Pop ups : The solution is to buy the premium versions or use Winnows Defender & Done deal We don't resolve those issues on the forum. So better contact kaspersky Tech support : Don't know if users with Free version can do that : if not you still can contact them by Live Chat or phone - use this link : https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c/CA open the link and click the option [ Installation and activation] See right side
  7. i n d i o

    Office 365 Safe Links

    The above link is Not clickable, so can't be opened : it's advisable that You open it and describe the problem. Then anybody here can provide, some tips to troubleshot the issue : Post back
  8. We are sorry to heard that, but if klab Technical Support was unable to fix the issue, nothing we can do here on this forum. So that any suggestion or complaint - Please redirected to Tech support Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create After Log in >> Fill up first steps and when get to - Request type - scroll to Feedback >> click "Request subtype" select either " I have a suggestion or complaint" next Type a brief problem description on the wider field + Send Note : An alternative solution will be to install a similar app here some to consider : a) Parse = open source Backend platform b) Google cloud Datastore : A fully managed NoSQL Data storage service c) Amazon Dynamo DB : Fully managed NoSQL database service
  9. if you didn't get the Promo code from kaspersky eStore - I guess you have to ask to "lulu store" How to redeem that Promo code or go online to kaspersky.com >> Lookup for kaspersky Lab checkout page and follow any steps shown
  10. All feature requests, should be send to kaspersky Technical support using this webPage : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create After Log in my kaspersky >> Fill up preliminary steps and when get to - Request type - Scroll to Feedback >> click Request Subtype and select "I have a suggestion" : on the Problem Description click the wider field [ -------------------- ] with some greyed text lines & Type here your "Suggested feature" + Send it
  11. Yeah! There're ways to skip notifications on Kaspersky apps, but would be better. if you take a Screenshot of them, so we can provide better solution, use this link : https://support.kaspersky.com/492 or type the notifications message - Post back
  12. Welcome : Would you mind to report which, operating system is installed on your computer and what method did you use to block those programs to run at Startup.. Kaspersky doesn't block or allow any app to load at Start up : Post back
  13. That's right this feature is Not available on some new browsers to send a suggestion to included it use - My kaspersky account - Link : https://my.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create After Log in fill up first Steps, you'll find the "Type of requests" field - Here select "Feedback" and click the below line to type the request and Send it : Hope this helps
  14. The decision is upto you. Most users when Log in their bank accounts purchase software using Paypal or buy items online from Amazon eBay,.Etc. They use this kind of protected keyboards : and Yes you're protected against Keyloggers from kaspersky Nowadays people use Password managers which log you..Automatically on financial, social or webmail accounts : By the way if you don't have one install KPM = Kaspersky Password Manager
  15. i n d i o

    Other apps protection from uninstall

    @MMontelatici : Please report if your child operates an Android phone or iPhone. This can help anybody here to provide you an answer, so Post back

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