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  1. I tried It and It does work thanks Mr. Dmitry have a good time
  2. now i get this error A file necessary for updating is missing from the update source 'http://dnl-18.geo.kaspersky.com/bases/sw2/klswapiproxy.kdl'
  3. the message in the event log when I download updates to the administration server I need a quick solution the message description is "Error verifying file signature 'http://dnl-12.geo.kaspersky.com/bases/av/kdb/i386/base94ec.kdc'" by the way the updates folder on the shared folder still empty
  4. thanks guys you helped me to figure out how the things work over here and all updates are now installed thanks for all and you made my day :bravo:
  5. well I tried before to browse the update servers they all browsed successfully regard
  6. the only firewall i use Is kaspersky and I added exception from kaspersky and microsoft when I installed it It's not a firewall issue I guess
  7. No bro the ksc is not getting updates from KL servers the error messages I wrote in the main object did appear on the ksc
  8. Hi dude All clients is setting to update from administration server thanks
  9. I have Kaspersky security center 10.1 installed at my windows server 2008 r2 and windows 7 32 bit clients since I installed It 5 days ago It didn't install any update sometimes give me the error "download time out " some other times give me "update source not found " other error is " error verifying file signature " and " error distributing updates but application update completed successfully , the application is using updated database but no files have been copied to the shared update folder " I reinstalled windows server again and had a new security center installed and still have the same problem I search the whole forms and nothing did solve this problem >> I need help as soon as possible :dash1: thanks
  10. any help please :dash1: klmover test shows that everything is ok what the hell is happening here
  11. did u use klmover well if u used It can u send a screenshot of klnagnchk after u run klmover and remember to use klmover these way in cammand prompt " "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent\klmover.exe" -address -logfile klmover.log "
  12. - not scanned for along time -couldn't make full scan schedule - couldn't start tasks remotely and always need to use klmover to fix these - and I got a new problem I cant start tasks through administration server and klmover couldn't help - removable device policy some times doesn't work and flash usb some times work while Its preventing policy is enabled and when clients put any usb device kaspersky start to scan It even If I disabled flash usb on client device isn't there any way to band flash usb from working and not scanning them -
  13. try running klmover -address <server_ip>. http://support.kaspersky.com/7441 If u don't how to use just tell I'll help u just run these command on client device "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\NetworkAgent\klmover.exe" -address -logfile klmover.log just put the ur "klmover.exe" file destination and then u can put ur server ip address
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