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  1. Is it possible to run and install Kaspersky for Linux Mail 8.0 on CentOS7 using GUI?
  2. Unknown Infection

    I have a network that have been affected by an unknown infection, that hides files on removable drives, creates a new folder named FOUND.000 and puts a ".CHK" extension on all files which makes them unusable. KES10 is able to detect and clean the threat but it won't restore the file damage. How may I go around this?
  3. thanks, let me try this and revert back to you
  4. Hi, Thanks for this. When I had logged in the first time the license agreement did not appear automatically so i was asking how i could do it manually. Regardless, it appeared when I logged in the second so no need. thanks again
  5. Hello, I have a 100 user network in use if 96 nodes on their licence & I want to replace 26 of their endpoints with new laptops. how do I remove the licence key from the machines being removed from the network so that I add it onto the new ones. I have tried removing it physically from the License Tab of KES10 but some havent resolved to this effect on KSC. How do I resolve this?
  6. Im trying to add Distribution Packages and my account is giving me a "To get the distribution package, you must accept the License Agreement" message. How or where can I find the licence agreement so that i can accept it?
  7. My environment in this case is very small and does not have an exchange server. Is there any way I could ward off unwanted emails? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Is it possible to have the mail antivirus block certain emails from getting into my inbox or to at least flag them as spam? I have a few persistant email marketers that keep sending me mail even though I unsubscribed from their services.
  9. Yes Kirill You may consider this issue solved
  10. Hello. Have you tried using the newest KES release? That might help.
  11. Thank you for making it clearer. I opted using the standalone netagent pull install, though it was a longer and more cumbersome task.
  12. Hi, The workgroup in question does not have any administrative credentials. Its basically a workgroup LAN on a peer-to-peer basis and all machines have an independant local administrator. How do I go about this? Thanks.
  13. Greetings, I have a client who has a network of just over 100 users on a Workgroup. This workgroup has no Network Administrator and all machines in the network are on DHCP except for the admin server which has a static IP. How can I possibly deploy KES from the server without having to do pull installs? Thank you.