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  1. I have upgraded to KAV 2015. The problem remains. ZIP files are scanned, no matter which setting I chose, and for large files with lots of small files inside - it takes tremendous amount of time and CPU, "freezing" the whole Windows.
  2. This seems to be not true. In my case 300-400MB archives are scanned (real-time scanner, like on copying, moving, and opening the files).
  3. I forgot to add that setting protection level (of the real-life file protection) to LOW - did not help at all.
  4. Hi, I have been using KAV for many years (much longer that I've been subscribed to this great forum - and it's 9 years), for many versions. Now I use KAV 2014. Generally, I like its simplicity. But the lack of some advanced settings (that were always present) is quite problematic. I often download big ZIP files with many thousands of small files (Android custom ROMs install packages, if you want to know). Scanning such files takes KAV a long long time (a few minutes) and all CPU cores are used by avp.exe, making my PC almost "frozen". In the older version it was possible to set max file size limit for packed archives, to prevent such problems. I don't see these setting in KAV 2014. How can I do it? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'd like to ask you to add TrueCrypt to the tool set on KRD. It would be great to have a possibility to scan TrueCrypt encrypted system partition from the Rescue Disk. Do you think it is a good idea? latet
  6. I have a Kaspersky Rescue Disk on USB key. I boot from USB, then I update databases from the Internet, then I scan. I was wondering - why next time I boot from this USB key, the databases are not updated, but still old? USB is not read-only. Is it for safety reasons? thanks, latet
  7. Hello, On one of my hard-disks I have GPT partitions. Kaspersky Rescue Disk can't "see" them at all. Is there a way to mount and scan such partitions somehow? Thanks, latet
  8. Thank you. I did as you said. The problem is gone! But after that - I deleted the test ftp server from update sources and made another update from the usual (default) source (Kaspersky Lab Update Services). I expected the problem to come back, but no - copying still works fine. Not that I complain, but I don't understand. Probably the default update source offers nothing newer at the moment, and in one of the next updates may bring the problem back (for some time), am I right? My point is - when can I permanently turn SW back on, restore the default update source as the only one, and forget about it all... Thanks.
  9. I'd like to, but how? There are many folders there and many files in them... When should the fix be included in "normal" updates? Thanks.
  10. What a good news. Thank you so much. I'd love to learn more (not just out of the curiosity). For example - when I disabled Sys Watcher - the copying seems to work fine, but is it really fine (the copied data will be 100% the same as the original)? Will there be a patch? How do I know about it? Will it install automatically (for example like: a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h). Thanks a lot. Great support, by all means!
  11. When should I perform the copying that will freeze? Before typing ".dump /ma /u c:\app.dmp" or after it? When copying slows down, the system freezes, so it can be almost impossible to do anything. Thanks
  12. I have installed WinDbg 6.12 - but I have no idea how to use it, how to collect the dump of avp.exe. Please tell me how to do it step by step. Thanks o lot.
  13. Here you go: GSI LOG The recent update to System watcher - that must be it. Is it in the ".g" patch or earlier? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I've been using KIS 2012 for many weeks (and KIS - for years), and I've been using True Crypt for many years. It was always all OK. The problem is: when copying big (like 1 GB) or medium size (like 200 MB) files (or lots of small ones) to (yet never from) any of the TrueCrypt (7.1) encrypted partitions - the copying process slows down to ~zero (virtually stops) and the whole system (XP 32-bit) freezes and remains almost completely frozen until I manually cancel the copying and kill the process which was responsible for copying (explorer.exe or total commander). During the "freeze" - the CPU usage is... surprise: very low (0-1%). The problem occurred for the first time only a few days ago (I'm positive that there was no problem before - I do copy a lot of files daily between various partitions), so I'm guessing it may have something to do with KIS updates (perhaps the ".g" patch?). The problem is 100% reproducible, which made my tests easier. And it turned out that there is no problem when: - KIS is not running or - KIS is running but the checkbox "Enable protection" (in general settings) is unchecked. or - KIS is running but the checkbox "Enable System Watcher" is unchecked. So it clearly indicates a connection between the System Watcher component and the problem described. I also tested disabling all other KIS components. No difference. Only disabling the System Watcher helps. To be sure - I ran some hardware testing programs (MHDD for all my HDD's, Prime95 for CPU, and MemTest86 4.0). No errors found - my hardware is fine. I also checked if there is any difference between AHCI and IDE mode - no difference at all, the problem is the same. Am I alone with it? What should I do? For now - I have disabled the system watcher component. It was not present in earlier versions of KIS, so I guess it is not so very important for security... Thanks, latet
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