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  1. So why do you have password under parental control then.....and if i set password can they somehow disable kaspersky?.......hmmmm I go to setings but I cant dind Password Protection....
  2. So why do you have password under parental control then.....and if i set password can they somehow disable kaspersky?
  3. I am trying to set up parental control, and it is simple to set up limitation level, but I am so confused when it comes to the part to set up password so that kids cant change it...I just dont get it...so can anyone explain me how to set the password so that kids cant change it... Thanks
  4. Web-AV was set to custom and I did change that to the Recomemnded, Hacker-AV was set to Low Security but I changed that to the training mode, but now I have another problem My Internet Explorer is not working if KIS is on?????
  5. I am using FireFox and Internet Explorer 7, its simply not starting video until I put my KIS on pause...
  6. I have problems when I try to go to: http://velikibrat07.nadlanu.com/live_strea...php?camera=k1bb If i turn off my KIS it works...I did add this link to trusted websites but still its not working... So what should I do? Thanks
  7. If you compare Kaqspresky to other products, Kaspersky is little high (we are not talking about quality). Average computer user doesnt know to much about AV, he is going to go for product that he can see all over the PC Magazine or 1st place on Download.com and if he see a price tag thats $30 less thatn Kaspresky he will go for that product... and most money company will make from average Joe.
  8. I did download 5.0.225 and it works good.....Thanks
  9. I did re-install Kaspersky still the same problem....
  10. Hello, We are getting this message on 5 computers when computers are trying to do update......and I am not sure what to do “Warning! Error during update. Updating to and older version is not allowed. You are advised to contact your system administrator or Kaspersky Lab technical support service.
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