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  1. Is there an official solution for this problem. I keep getting this message every time I boot my computer I am on the latest version of Kis
  2. Just bought a new device and put in my Kaspersky account into it right away. After I got a message to download updates for the device. 8/10 went fine, but two of them either didn't load or took forever and I just quit. Those two were both big updates (150+ MB) they were "AMD Radeon Graphic Driver" and "CyberLink Power Media Player" Could KIS be interfering with these downloads? Couple of side questions as well. Should I turn off "Windows Defender?" and I installed an 18 month KIS account on my broken computer, it broke pretty soon after installing, now I used the same account on this computer is this considered still my first or my second of accounts allowed to use.
  3. I notice the step by step instructions are not on that thread anymore. Do you still suggest a Exit>unintall>reboot. Install new version technique
  4. Yeah I tried normal version and everything seems to be normal. Haven't tried their VPN though. I was just intrigued their turbo /compressed function and wanted to give it a try. From my understanding is that it goes through their own server to compress sites kind of like the new google chrome does on android.
  5. Nope it's still having issue. I go to google and try to click a link and it will not go through when Turbo is enabled. Seems to works fine when Turbo is off. I am using the latest version of oprea (40.0.2308.81) which I just downloaded recently. My KIS is b )
  6. Hello, I recently downloaded the Opera browser when I enable their Turbo feature (compressing tool) the browser doesn't seem to work. I think it has something to do with KIS. Is there a way to work around that?
  7. It worked like a charm. NO more Firewall warning and updated to 2017 version. You came through again. Thank you I have a quick off topic question. Is there anything in Kaspersky features that can tell me which devices are using my wireless?
  8. I am on Windows 10 and recently every time I turn on my computer and open a browser there is a little quick notification on the side that says my Windows and Kaspersky firewall is turned off. I know I turned off my Windows firewall when I first installed Kaspersky but I always had Kasperksy firewall on. I re-checked my Kaspersky options and the option has firewall turned on. Is there a reason I am getting these firewall notifications?
  9. I recently updated to Windows 10 and while my other browsers still show the Kaspersky protection toolbar icon, the new Edge browser doesn't seem to have it anywhere or anyplace to enable it.
  10. I have been using Kis for my desktop for a few years now. Recently I bought an android tablet. I wonder if there's a Kis product that can be used on my desktop and android
  11. Solution worked for me too! Uninstalled and reinstalled (it did take a while) but everything seems to be going good now as the updates are up to date. Thanks for the help everybody!
  12. Also wanted to add I just looked at the Detailed report and I also have "Error Updating Component: KLAVA" very similar to Evolclown problem/thread a few days back. He Uninstall and reinstall and seemed to have fix the problem. I think I will do the same, but not totally sure how.
  13. I am trying to hold off on the getsystem because it looks so complicated to do. Along with me being a total computer idiot. It seems over my head. I've been reading around here and it seems a few people are having similar problems and a few said it improved when they uninstall/reinstall Kaspersky I think I can handle that But I am not sure exactly how to do that (back to being a computer idiot on my part ) I still have around 260 days left and i still have the CD with this version code written on it.
  14. A few questions on your first part Did the switch on proxy from "automatically detect" to "do not use proxy" thing The Animation thing "Use application icon in the taskbar notification area" was already checked Battery Saving -"Disable scheduled tasks while running on battery power" it was checked.... I unchecked that. (so far am I doing it correctly?) I am confused about the last part. I have about 260 days left (I bought Kis from a store and downloaded the latest version online) I clicked Licence (with 260 days left) I don't see anything about update subscription status. I see Details, End user licence agreement under that I have ! New activation code title with options for "enter activation code" and "purchase activation code"
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