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  1. I used to get some materials in pen drive from my friends who stay in hostel in my college.Their computers are fully infected.What happens when any pen drive is inserted in them is that many types of files (for example folders,video,mp3 and not MS word) are inserted in a folder of same name and their size is displayed as 1KB i.e.) they are shown as shortcuts!When I insert it in my computer Kaspersky (fully updated) detects and removes them..What I find irritating is that the infected files are still in shortcuts and I have to double click them and windows will warn something like "some .js file not found" and the original files will be displayed in a new window! Then I have to cut all the files and create a new folder and insert them :angry: :angry: :angry: Look How tedious it is! suggestions from moderators regarding this problem might be immensely helpful to me :supercool: :supercool:
  2. Here is the new report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...mp;key=cT4uDhlw what I mean about slow startup time is the time KIS 13 takes to load once the system is restarted or turned on!
  3. now I uninstalled using KAV remover 1.0.365....now it is starting but start up time is very long(approximately 1 minute)...Is this ok or another problem?
  4. I had sent a request....whenever I try to unistall kaspersky it won't uninstall..uninstaller will keep on running but will not uninstall...then I will try to remove using KAV remover 1.0.278...After that while restarting my system will hang...keyboard will not function...I even cannnot enter my password in welcome screen!then I will do system restore...I did it 3-4 times...I doubt problems might be due to this....
  5. Now KIS 13 fails to start..even I uninstalled and reinstalled it...I even made a system restore...still kaspersky fails to start...I cannot manually start KIS also...here is my GSI report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e8128ace61ae976
  6. Actually speaking i dont find any thing related to kaspersky notification settings..but I can access kaspersky through desktop icon..here is the report http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4673ba24701be2e
  7. I cannot find KIS 2013 system tray icon after installing it!!!that icon is not disabled..but it is missing...help me...
  8. I tried ti uninstall KIS 13 but it stops after sometime...then again installed and tried to remove but still the same problem...then i used KAV remover it shows nothing...I even waited for one hour...still all the files are there in the directory...
  9. after installing KIS 13 tray icon is not there....then how to pause protection or turn off KIS?
  10. 1)is there a way of choosing interactive mode in firewall? This means that everytime when an application tries to make a connection to internet it must alert me and I must choose an option whether allowing or disallowing it... 2)when using google and using check mode in search results....green arrow doesn't appear near the search results...but in yahoo search that appears...why is this so?
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