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  1. Hello, I have to reboot our virtual server frequently because all of sudden, it cannot connect to the administration server unless I do. Upon reboot, it can connect just fine however. Would anyone know a general reason why this would be occurring? Please let me know if you need a trace files or an event log. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the quick answer, I appreciate it.
  3. Hello, I wanted to create a Network Policy for the MAC version of Network Agent, but on the Policy Wizard, there is no option for it. Will the "Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent" cover both MAC and Windows versions?
  4. Thank you for the input, mastropizza! Any opinion helps
  5. Hello, I noticed that it is tough to get activated in the General forum, so my next best option is to post here: I am researching a new Hosted E-mail Security solution for out company because currently, we use Postini and just found out Google will be getting rid of that service next year. We are currently testing Enterprise Space Security, so I figured we should look into other Kaspersky solutions as well. Before anyone says "Go speak with a sales representative" about the product, the reason I am asking here is because I want hear an unbiased option from anyone who has used other Hosted E-mail Security solutions previously before using Kaspersky's, such as AppRiver. If this truly belongs in the General - Kaspersky Fan Club forum, can an admin get me approved there? Seems like a dead forum. Otherwise, I appreciate anyone that can help me out or point me in the right direction when it comes to Hosted Email comparisons.
  6. Sorry, I should have utilized the forum search function...I may have found the answer at this link: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...4&hl=mobile The check box on the Admin Server to open the port 13292 wasn't checked and I saw you have to do it over 3G, 4G, etc rather than Wifi. Attempting to Sync now. Update: Nope, it looked like it was going to sync but ended with an error again. Any thoughts?
  7. Forgive me if this has an obvious answer, but I just installed Kaspersky Endpoint version 8 on my Android phone to test it out and I am running Kaspersky Security Center in a test environment between my PC and another PC on a domain. There is a synchronize option here on the mobile to link to the KSC that I haven't been able to get working since it just says (Synchronizing: error). My phone is on the wireless work the KSC PC is on, so shouldn't it be able to connect to the IP? If I have this messed up, please point me in the right direction Thank you. (We are using Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security)
  8. That's what I was thinking. I'll look into it and also request higher access to fulfill this deployment. Thank you for the suggestions!
  9. I would assume it would be the same reason...but I'll let you know after I'm test it out.
  10. Ah I see, I figured that had to be the problem but I just wanted to confirm it. Thank you much!
  11. Hello. We are running Kaspersky in a trial environment and I am learning the software, so I appreciate any input I am given Recently, I installed the MAC version of Kaspersky Endpoint 8 on a MacBook, but it's not being detected by by the Security Center as having it installed or even connected to the network. Is this because it doesn't have the Network Agent installed yet or another possibility? Thank you!
  12. The "admin" account is set the same way for every computer we have here. While adding a domain account that is set to the Administrators group would make the deployment successful, my domain account isn't on every computer and adding it to each is not an option. My boss probably knows the domain admin, but I'm already betting he would be reluctant to give it out if it is the one I'm thinking, but until I confirm that and possibly have to have him create one for me, I figured I'd find out why the local admin is having such an issue with this. I apologize if I am making a key mistake here somewhere, as I am absorbing a lot when it comes to Kaspersky software in a short amount of time, so forgive me if I am forgetting something.
  13. Hello Testeur09, I added my personal domain user account to this computer (B2BNET\rcastello) and it works, which I already knew it would. The problem lies on why it will not work on the PC119\admin account. I've double checked the password as well.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply, Dellion. I just tried using "admin" and even "PC119\admin" on the list, and still received an Access Denied. I just tested logging into PC119 with the same credentials with success. Any other ideas? If there is a domain administrator account, I don't know it as I am on the bottom of the food chain and may have to look into that, but for now I'm trying with the local admin access I do have on them.
  15. Hello. I am new to use Kaspersky Security Center so please bear with me. I am trying to deploy the Network Agent and Kaspersky Endpoint 8 to new computers. While they are all joined to our domain (B2BNET\username), they all have local admin account (PC172\admin, PC173\admin, etc.) Even if I add, say, PC172\admin to the Account list on the deployment task, I get an access denied message. Why is this, and is there a wild card I can insert before \admin, such as %COMPUTERNAME%\admin to detect it for each workstation?
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