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  1. Issue now resolved for our group of new HP EliteDesk 800 G3 and G4 desktop workstations. Both Kaspersky and HP confirmed removing HP Velocity from workstations, plus running latest Netagent and KES11 will resolve the BSOD faults reported. We have now had 10 days with no further BSOD on any workstation. Request INC000010263687 now closed - thanks to Mohammed from Kaspersky support. Also HP have confirmed HP Velocity will no longer be supported going forward and HP will not installed on any new hardware.
  2. Thought you might be interested in our site that also runs many HP Proliant servers, various models/various Windows Server OS, and has Kaspersky deployed. We now only install KSWS on these servers as stated "it is made specially for the server systems and all its components are compatible with server hardware". The KES client is really designed for workstations/notebooks only and for us was never reliable across our production servers. Creating the actual policies and tasks to suit KSWS for the server is a 5 minute job, and never had issues once installed. Don' forget to still have the Kaspersky Netagent installed.
  3. Thanks for the update Alessandro - will report back to see if it remains stable.
  4. Would you like the open HP support case number and you can follow it up with them - I have provided all information they have told us.
  5. If you read my original post you will see we already have an open case with HP Support. They have all the dumps and image diagnostics. No mention of HP Velocity being the potential culprit so I gather they are unaware of this potentially causing any fault when in tandem with Kaspersky version 11. I will let them know however not sure what they will do with that information.
  6. We have request ID INC000010263687 open and dealing with support through there. Will post here the outcome.
  7. We have request ID INC000010263687 open and this support engineer isn't trying to push us back to HP support - the Kaspersky engineer has provided us steps to help troubleshoot rather than trying to move us on. I will post here will further updates.
  8. As explained we immediately had to downgrade to KES10SP2 after last BSOD owith KES11 n those workstations. hence why GSI shows that version. We also have no full memory dump only minidumps when we had version 11 installed. So far today no further BSOD for all 3 workstations however will report back after a few days to confirm it remains this way. If no more BSOD then the culprit is definitely KES version 11 on this HP workstations.
  9. See request ID INC000010263687 - maybe also think of adding a FTP service for forum users to upload larger files.
  10. We have this identical issue with all our never HP desktop workstations - HP EliteDesk 800 G3. Did you ever resolve this issue and if so how?
  11. We are not subscribed to any file sharing service so would rather just FTP directly to Kaspersky. Surely there a FTP service for Kaspersky I could transfer this to or an email address, the file is just over 4mb.
  12. What model of HP system are you running and does it have HP Velocity installed? Yes HP Velocity was installed on all 3 HP workstations, we have removed this now. What has been your experience with that software and Kaspersky Endpoint Client?
  13. Please provide location to FTP GSI log and I will send this through now.
  14. Dimitry, This issue has occurred since we deployed these 3 HP workstations 4 weeks ago and we have been working through the random BSOD issue with HP support believing it was a software/hardware issue with HP itself. HP support failed to find any issue with the hardware and the best they could analyse was a possible driver issue. The support case is still open with HP. Yesterday all 3 workstations BSOD at the same time when the scheduled Kaspersky Update was run - writing minidumps only as this is a production site and requiring quick reboot to continue work (complete memory dump can take 15-30 mins). I have included one of these dumps even if not all that useful - however it does show what was loaded at the time. We have now removed Kaspersky Endpoint Client version completely from 1 workstation and the other 2 we downgraded to version We will monitor all 3 and see if any further BSOD occur. It seems there is a major issue with version 11 and HP EliteDesk 800 G3 desktop workstations and Windows 10 (1809) 64bit OS - maybe Kaspersky has a relationship with HP and can lab test this hardware with their software as anyone deploying these will have same issue as us. Please provide FTP location and we can send GSI file for your analysis - too large to attached here. 031319-4140-01.dmp
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