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  1. I received a pop up warning that a domain was unsecure and I disconnected. After some research I found the web site is Ok, but I am unable to connect to the web site in a new browser session. How do I allow Access to Domain that was Previously Disconnected ?
  2. Is KIS 2017 Fully Compatible with Windows 10? I see that 2016 is, but there is a link for 2017 that shows some limitations ? http://support.kaspersky.com/us/kav2017/windows10
  3. Here is my GSI GSI Had a blue screen and before this was unable get Win updates. I should also mention I had Mcaffe pre-installed on this pc and used the Mcaffe MCPR.exe remover before installing KIS.
  4. Well, looks like I spoke too soon. I have several errors now: Unable to do Win update, The driver detected a controller error \Device\Harddisk1\DR1 and a Blue Screen.
  5. The new version is better, I am able to check Win updates for the past three days. I did notice that the cpu usage is higher when using Firefox overtime with several tabs open. I have not checked other browsers yet.
  6. I been having a problem with Windows 8.1 update hangs and high disk utilization. I think I have traced it down to KIS , when disable KIS and run Windows defender no problems with Win update. I have run the Windows DISM restore,Tweaking.com and 3rd party SFC fix numerous times to fix the corrupt files, but it reoccurs when using KIS . The forum sticky shows KIS latest version is, but the download link shows Should I update or try to debug?
  7. I visited a web page and got a KIS pop stating a Trojan for a couple of seconds. KIS states 0 threats, but in reports I found: 17.09.2015 16.28.58 Detected object (file) cannot be disinfected. Please see attached text file. kis_trojan.txt
  8. This happens infrequently with my system, so I am still trying to test to see if it is a fix.
  9. When I select Do Not Scan Encrypted connections KIS warns -" This will reduce security". Is this an issue? Will safe money work if I select this option?
  10. I am running KIS and get a KIS popup randomly -"Cannot Guarantee Authenticty of Domain to which the encrypted connection is established. Application: Firefox, URL js.moatads.com. Reason: Invalid name of certificate. " There is a Disconnect and Continue button on the Popup window. I click Disconnect, but it will come back over time. Is this adware that is trying to be installed? I am running Firefox 39.0. Yahoo.com and DuckDuckgo.com are the two https tabs that are open at the time.
  11. I recently think my yahoo mail account was hacked. I can't be sure since Yahoo tech support has not responded. Is it possible that the scammers can do this just within the yahoo network and not have malware be in my system? I would think if there was any malware it would have been found with all the scanning that was done. They used a spoof yahoo web email with a popup to do it and only Yahoo mail is affected.
  12. I should add: will the 2016 I have work with an activation code from a 2015 retail box or download? I see that upgrades are free, so I am assuming that it will work. Otherwise I would think I could uninstall current/reninstall the purchased version ad then upgrade to 2016.
  13. OK, Thanks. Can I enter the activation code from a Retail Box or Download in the current installed verision of KIS when I decide to purchase or do I need to download a new version?
  14. Yes, success. KIS license is validated and I am updating now. Any idea what was the problem? Was my system infected?
  15. Here is the first link. http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/free-ho...ternet-security. I clicked the download button w/o email and it took me to this link http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/free-ho...curity/download. It downloaded a file downloader kis15.0.2.361en_7436 and then when I use the downloader it downloaded ver kis16.0.0.614en_8233 I also entered email and it sent a email with a link here http://americas.kasperskylabs.com/HS?b=o20...PeEEI1q3gB93q6A . It downloaded file kis16.0.0.614en_8233 same file as above, so I used the first downloaded file.
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