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  1. Hello, I've upgraded Pure 1 to Pure 2; however, in doing so I noted that Nortel Networks Contivity VPN Client isn't compatible. I need that to access the corporate system. As a result, I need to roll back the upgrade but am unable to locate the Pure 1 program at KAV's web site. I tried looking at 'previous versions' under downloads, but the paths kept returning me to Pure 2. Question - where on KAV's website can I locate the Pure 1 program for download? Thanks,
  2. I really don't know how to use the Pure software so please bear with me... Today the Windows 7 security indicated that the following web site had infected my computer {detectionminimizerdetector.in/78dee9e271084cb2/96/setup.zip} in at least 78 files plus a few other locations which I didn't have time to jot down. I ran Kaspersky full scan and it showed the attached screen print. It only showed those lines when 'all' was selected under 'Detected threats'. Somewhere in my searching it seemed there were either 3 or 6 files associated with the trojan. My question ... how do I know if Kaspersky has removed the trojan and 'cleaned' infected files? Here is the log ... http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...da16d299aa96eeb ... and here is the mentioned screen shot. I've just spent a very frustrating 3 hours working on this so I hope you're able to help me. Thanks,
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