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  1. I have applied the PF96 but the issue is back... the OS is Windows 8 pro... WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET THIS ISSUE SOLVED
  2. I have the solution for this. launch regedit check patch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanserver\parameters\srvcomment if there is missing srvcomment add a new REG_SZ with the name srvcomment and Value Data = description of the PC
  3. is the windows pre-installed?
  4. I have the same issue in KSC9 with KES8 on some workstations; if someone has any clue oh this please share it.
  5. I have started the installation of PF80 today, seems to work fine until now; but before that i had to repair the installation on every pc affected by patch B and C. The repair works only after an restart (sometimes hardware restart)of the PC, log-on with admin account and immediately launch the repair. During repair you will be asked for file Kes8win_x86.msi or Kes8win_x64.msi; I used the file from installation package of KES Kind regards
  6. Sorry for delay, if you still have the issue please post and I will try to help you
  7. The only solution i've found is to uninstall / reinstall the antivirus
  8. Hello, I have a lot of items on repositories/backup; it says deleting but does not deletes the items from backup; the files on the local machine are removed, but in KSC does not work... any ideas pls thx
  9. yes, local task. I want to disable them. As you can see in the picture the schedule is hourly, and I already defined one task with daily, I don't need to run daily that's why I want to disable this rules.
  10. Can you be more specific ,please. I've created my own tasks and this works fine; instead I want to remove default tasks.
  11. I also use KES; I removed KES and Network Agent - reinstalled / after 2-3 days Unprocessed Objects are back; THIS IS A BUG. Kaspersky should fix this ASAP.
  12. I have the same issue; FIX IT. invent a reset button to this...
  13. Hello, In FSEE or KSC there is some default tasks; one of them is Program Database Update; how can I modify the schedule of this; the field is non-editable; I want to modify this from hourly to daily. thx.
  14. Hello, Is there a way to reset counter for Number of Incurable Objects that reports for stations with KES8 in KSC9 THX
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