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  1. I went through the same Pure 2 "license invalid" horror with the US version earlier this year. Most of it is documented in this thread: License issues After several weeks I gave up on Pure 2 and switched back to its earlier incarnation, Pure 1-r2 I believe it is. That earlier version has been flawless for the past 6 or 8 months. Some time after I gave up on Pure 2 a repaired version was supposedly released; it had the letter "c" somewhere in its release number. I had already been burned so I did not install the fixed version and have remained with Pure 1-r2.
  2. Thanks Rich, that seems to have taken care of that minor annoyance. If it makes everybody feel better I'll stick with calling the product Pure 2.
  3. Regulars on this forum know that I have switched back to Pure R2 because of the issues I encountered with ImPure 2.0. I have not had any problems at all with Pure R2. However, now I am getting a periodic notification that I can upgrade to Pure 2.0. The notifier adds a blinking Kaspersky icon to my system tray which when clicked opens a small window giving me the option to upgrade or dismiss the window. There is not an option to not show the message again, so after an hour or so the blinking Kaspersky icon reappears in the system tray. I have looked at the settings and don't really see anything that would address this. I would like to set it so that I do not receive the notification at all. Failing that, I would like to disable the blinking feature of the icon; that is really annoying. It is not annoying enough to drive me back to ImPure 2.0 so that is not something I will consider. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. The ImPure 2 license is valid for older versions of Pure. Here's a link to the KL download for Pure 1, Release 2 which is what I reverted to. It was problem free before I "upgraded" to ImPure 2 and has continued to work fine for the two months since I went back to it. Pure 1, Release 2
  5. I feel your pain, brother. I also had multiple failures of ImPure 2 due to license issues. I finally gave up and loaded in Pure 1 for which the license is also valid. Pure 1 has been working flawlessly since I switched back about 2 months ago. I reverted to the older version before the ImPure 2 Patch C "fix" was released and I have not reloaded the Patch C version. I wasted way too much time trying to get ImPure 2 to work and I have lost confidence in the product. Since your problem doesn't seem to be going away and unless there are some features of ImPure 2 that are vital to you, I suggest you take a step backward like I did.
  6. I see, John, thanks for the clarification. My reluctance to switch back to Pure 2 stems from the serious and frequent difficulties I had with it under the original "license invalid" flaw. I don't like to think about the many hours I wasted doing clean installs and updates only to have the product fail time after time. So I'm still a little gun shy about patch C, especially with Pure 1 working flawlessly since I reverted to it.
  7. Sigh, that is discouraging indeed. It makes me glad that I have continued to use Pure 1. I was afraid the ImPure 2 "fix" was not going to be a stable solution. My license is good for another 1.25 year. I think I will just stick with Pure 1 and not upgrade until Pure 3 is available. I consider ImPure 2 a horrible failure on the part of KL.
  8. Thanks for the update! Fingers crossed that this mess is finally over with.
  9. Try this link: Pure Release 2 Pure R2 is not Pure 2.0; it is Release 2 of Pure 1.
  10. As the originator of this thread, the problem plagued me. It would occur as quickly as a few hours or as long as three or four weeks. I did give up on ImPure 2 and switched back to Pure 1 or whatever the previous incarnation is named. That version has been rock solid for the past 3 weeks.
  11. You ought to be able to use your ImPure 2.0 code with a previous version of Pure. Kaspersky has a Pure R2 download available here: Pure Release 2 Pure R2 is not Pure 2.0; it is Release 2 of Pure 1. I switched to that version about 2 weeks ago and have not had any problems since doing so.
  12. Please report back in a week or so and let us know if that procedure really did solve the problem. I'm still going to stick with Pure 1 until I see something concrete from KL that they have fixed this issue.
  13. Today, ten days after opening my problem ticket, I finally received this reply from Kaspersky: ------------------------------------- Hello , I apologize for the delay in our response. We have been receiving an unusually high volume, which is why you are just receiving a reply now. I thank you for your patience. Please right click the small "K" icon by the time on the lower right and choose EXIT. Then, reopen the program by going to Start > All Programs > Kaspersky. We had an issue on our side of the activation server, and this reboot of the program should resolve the issue. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns! Best regards, ****| Technical Support | Kaspersky Lab Americas -------------------------------------- My reply stated that I have reverted to Pure 1 and I will not be reinstalling ImPure 2 until KL announces a permanent and tested resolution of this issue.
  14. There is a known problem in Pure 2 concerning its inability to properly handle the product license. Apparently KL expects to release a patch in June. In the meantime you should probably continue to use Pure 1. Discussion of the issue is here: License issues
  15. I still have not had any communication from Tech Support regarding my problem report other than the acknowledgement that they received it. Since Pure 2 is useless, actually dangerous on my system I have removed it and reverted to the previous incarnation of Pure. It took about 1.5 hours to uninstall P2 and reinstall and update P1. All updates from November 2010 to present had to be downloaded and installed, which took a bit of time. I'm not counting the several hours the initial full scan took under the "new" install. Now I have my fingers crossed that P2 didn't leave behind some registry dirt that will cause the same issues with my reinstall of the earlier version. I feel that Kaspersky released the product prematurely and has been too slow to respond to a serious problem. I have wasted quite a bit of time trying to get ImPure 2 to perform the way it should. I'll report back if Tech Support addresses my problem report but I do not intend to reinstall Pure 2 until KL has officially announced a permanent and tested patch to the licensing issue. Good luck to everyone who has a stable instance of Pure 2 on their system.
  16. After Pure 2 gave me a license invalid message on Monday I went through the uninstall-reboot-reinstall-update-scan ordeal. Now about 36 hours later it has happened again: I got another "license invalid" message and Pure shut itself off. I just had time to send a GetSystemInfo and a few screenshots to tech support as part of my existing problem report before leaving for work. This is about the eighth occurrence of the license error since I began using Pure 2. My license is good for another 5 months and I am using Win7 x64 on a machine that is less than 2 months old. Unless I receive some positive news from Tech Support before I get home, I plan to ditch Pure 2 and roll back to the previous version. If you are running Pure 2 be warned that one of these days you will be greeted with this: When you have worked your way through the "Fix it" steps you will end up with this: And the final result is: So if you want to continue using your legal copy of Pure 2 you will have to go through the uninstall-reboot-reinstall-update-scan ritual yet another time. But how long will it be before Pure 2 disables itself again? Good luck! In my experience and opinion Pure 2 is critically flawed and is not an acceptable product in its current state.
  17. That is one of the things I admire about Kaspersky - you are always entitled to use the most recent version of a product no matter what version your original license comes from.
  18. The "license invalid" condition is a known flaw for Pure 2. It has been around for at least 6 weeks and has been reported in several threads on this forum. As of yesterday KL has not released a solution.
  19. It speaks very poorly of a security suite when you cannot trust it to protect your computer in your absence. Come on, Kaspersky, put some effort into fixing this.
  20. Yes, I contacted tech support and sent a system report. I realize the forum probably won't offer a solution but I feel that it is important to keep fellow users informed that this issue has not been resolved. It is a critical flaw in the program since it can leave your system unprotected without notice.
  21. After about four weeks of stability, I woke up this morning to a "license invalid" message from Pure 2 which had then proceeded to switch itself off. For the record, my license has another 160 days to run. Kaspersky has once again exposed my Win7 x64 machine to the clutches of the cyber-scoundrels. I had experienced the license issue off and on for about the first two weeks of using Pure 2. Then I switched Windows updates to "manual" and things went smoothly until this morning. Now it looks like I'll have to waste another chunk of time going through the Pure uninstall>reinstall>update ritual. This is NOT the way a security suite should operate. From reading various posts on this forum, I believe that Kaspersky has been aware of the problem for quite some time. The problem seems widespread and serious enough that KL should have come up with a resolution or recommendation by now. I repeat, this is NOT the way a security suite should operate. It is becoming very frustrating and I am approaching the point of chucking Kaspersky and loading in a competitor's more stable product.
  22. I also had problems with the license after upgrading to Pure 2 from the original version of Pure. It would work for up to a day and then revert to the "License invalid" state. By chance I noticed that this occurred immediately after a scheduled automatic update of Windows 7. So I went in and disabled the Windows auto updates and I have had no Pure 2 issues for over two weeks. Of course the trade off is that I am no longer getting regular Windows updates, which is probably not a big deal. My guess is that the Windows update (sometimes) resets or momentarily disables the clock settings which confuses Pure and causes it to throw the license error.
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