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  1. Hi, I had to do manual installs, because of issues getting ksc to deploy. Is there any way to get the machines to report to KSC? thanks. Just to clarify, i was unable to use KSC to deploy, as well as using the KLShare folder, the install just hung after 5mins or so. So i installed using the trial and installed my key.
  2. I Have finally got KSC working on a different server. Thanks.
  3. what happened to kaspersky? remember the days when their products used to work? last year was a bad start but overall it worked ok in the end, so i renewed for another year.. KSC10 = worst program ever written. 800mb installer for a console, with a warning that 100gb should be free for use?!, fails to install, spent all weekend trying to get it on a server, gave up, now trying on another server, go to uninstall the old version of kaspersky on that server, and the setup hangs, server unresponsive. 2 days into trying to get console installed, im no further, i just have two broken servers, these servers work fine with everything, and have never had any issues, problems only with "kaplinkskys!" kaput products. i will never ever renew again, and i advise anyone thinking of it, to explore other options.
  4. Hi all, This morning i get into work, and I get 16 emails from KSC, about 16x machines all report that the license key is invalid.. Notifications: Critical event: 09/07/2012 08:58:05: Event type: License Agreement violated Application\Name: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Component: Protection Result\Description: Invalid key file I know i have 60 license in use out of the 70 we bought, so i know thats ok, and we have only had it 3 months so were fine on time too. I have redeployed the key for now using KSC so will see how that goes, but any ideas anyone? ever had it before? thanks. Steve.
  5. Hi, Just wondering how license works, for instance, i have 4 new pc's that will see the 4 old pc's removed from the network and unused, how do i free those licenses up? is it just a case of removing them from the console? is that enough? do you have to uninstall, or, any other steps to send the license back? thanks, Steve.
  6. nice are kaspersky becoming the new norton?! to me, there is no reason for it to even consume 200mb of ram. is really bad. my kaspersky home av 2012, uses 18mb ram, why 200 for this corp solution i do not understand!
  7. Make it so that updates dont require a massive uninstall and reinstall operation, that just does not work. as previously mentioned, the computers tab should be default, i had one guy unable to find the computers in the list, had to show where it was. I think in general the interface is not that obvious where to go in KSC 8, so it would be nice to see some improvements. Would be nice if in the Repositories - Installation packages tree if you could select a package and set it as the default install option, so that when you deploy, it defualts to whatever you select, eg clients for me.
  8. Yes i've downloaded it, but as previously mentioned in other posts, kaspersky have made the deployment a nightmare, im trying to decide if its worth waiting and hoping for a patch msp or something that can be deployed, or if im going to have to uninstall and reinstall. I think if i do that im going to have to come in on a weekend purely becuase kaspersky have a poor deployment system, i wish i had of known this, i would of bought sophos. as for my laptop users i think ill have to do them manually. does anyone know if memory usage was a key fix in the new version?
  9. Hi, some of our clients seem to use alot of memory on the kaspersky process, is this usage normal? Kaspersky Endpoint security (a.
  10. To be honest i agree, there should be no good reason to require a full un-install and re-install. If they did it properly, a small patch that updated the changed files should be able to be deployed easily. I am sure in some environments it's probably not a problem, but for mine when some field teams work out and about, laptops come in for a few minutes at the start of the day, its a real problem to keep everyone updated if a complete uninstall, reboot and reinstall is required. I dont even see why this is the case, as there is the network service, that is able to run things without kaspersky itself running, why not just send a signal for kaspersky to shutdown, the new files get copied by the network agent, and send a signal to start up kaspersky again. Really dont get why its required to uninstall, reboot, reinstall. If i had of known this prior to purchasing i would of gone with a different solution, thats how big a deal it is in our situation.
  11. Spoke to kaspersky this morning, the update should come down as normal with the usual updates. to force it through, in kaspersky security center , goto "Administraton server tasks" and manually start the "download updates to repoisitory" once downloaded, go into the managed computers tab, tasks, and deploy update to the clients. lets hope it works
  12. thanks., please let us know when this is live and where we get it from thanks.
  13. I think its a coincidence as we have not started rolling out that update, and have this issue, all our clients are running .646
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