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  1. Device Guard is a part of Win 10. Cf. https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ash/2016/03/02/windows-10-device-guard-and-credential-guard-demystified/ It purely sucks that it might interfere with some of your security program. On the other hand, until it does there is little clue as to what the interference might amount to if anything noticeable at all. Of course, you could ask Microsoft for some help on this. Ah ha! Ahhh Haaaaa Haaa Haa! AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAH! I Joke.
  2. This sounds like it may be a County or State site. Typically underfunded, but not necessarily untrustworthy. I would NOT put any personal information on this site, especially bank numbers or credit cards. In this particular, snail mail or a phone call would be safer. Cf: https://www.scamadviser.com/is-tags.rtbidder.net-a-fake-site.html
  3. Does anyone know of a password manager that can import my passwords from Kaspersky PWM as installed with Pure 3.0(f)?
  4. Trying to get earlier editions did not work for me. Chrome installers automatically update before installation, regardless of the version they say they install. I did reinstall the (abcd) version of Pure, but to no avail. The Pure add-on installer would show the password extension as installed for about a minute, then it would show "unistalled". I'm moving on. Shopping for new password managers is a better use of my time.
  5. This has happened on a couple of my machines now. But the add-in still works on Chrome 37 on a few machines. The problem seems to be that PWM upgrades are incompatible with Chrome upgrades if and only if you update Chrome and then try to install the PWM add-in. If this is so, then reverting to a prior build of the PWM, installing the add-in to Chrome, and subsequently updating the PWM should work. It's a lot of work, and I will try it tomorrow. Obviously, anything like this requires doing a lot of backing up, and re-installing. It is an intolerable situation. I hope a Kasper Geek monitor's this. If it works, then that should be a clue as to where the bug is. But I don't work for Kasper. When my subscription runs out, I'm done with them.
  6. Same problem here. In the past I have dealt with this by restarting everything, but that no longer works. Let me know if you had a fix on this, please.
  7. Thanks mandrews, I'll give that a try. Here's the latest in my struggle with Kapsperky's tech support. It is hilarious. As if I haven't tried this already, and told this guy that I have. Also apparently, if this tech is to be trusted at all, the D patch still doesn't install correctly, at least not for 64-bit Windows 8.1. If I am unhappy with the way Laspersky works now, do I really want the "missing components?" Have I mentioned how much I hate being lied to? The log file is needed by the process? Only someone who never actually looked at the contents of the file could think it held useful information.
  8. Is this Pure 3.0 you are asking about? None of the buttons you are clicking sound familiar. The current version of Pure 3.0 is
  9. I crunched some numbers from the log file in question, representing about thirty minutes of data. The average time between writes was 120 milliseconds. The longest interval was 1.279 seconds. If windows were not buffering the writes the disc would be in constant use. I have been having the same run-around from "tech support." I have a particular distaste for being infantilized, told to do things again and again that I have already done. Ditto "Traces", for at least third time I have re-installed. (Could their installation program be that volatile?) I know we are being kicked around from one tech to another, without any sign of anyone seriously looking into the problem. I find it particularly patronizing to find Narognov pop up again in this discussion without anything new to say since last month. "Please submit a request to technical support." May as well be "Keep breathing." "Don't play in traffic." I have found that SysInternal's pskill routine will stop stpass, so have been using it. I will look into mandrews' solution also for the machines that are constantly on and off the web. Can I ask, mandrews, what size ramdisk you use? Are there problems foreseeable if you start overflowing the disk?
  10. Hey mandrews, We've been wondering about this for a while now. (Search for Eniac2's original post.) No good answers yet, unless you consider a vague promise of a fix, maybe in the next patch. Eniac2 has apparently found a way to disable stpass from writing specifically to the log file, not enough info to for me to duplicate his results though. Glad to see someone else working on it. Good luck. :ay:
  11. Eniac2, I have taken to killing stpass.exe from task manager when I am not currently online. It is a bit of a pain having to start up password manager each time I want to go online, but better than the constant grind of small writes to my hard drive. I note that stpass.exe cannot be killed using taskkill from a command line, regardless of permission levels. I guess this is a bit of over-thinking on Kaspersky's part, but would appreciate finding out just what security risk would be opened up if stpass could be killed from a command line.
  12. Is this Windows 8 and not 8.1? There currently is no installer for 8.1 This could be an issue of Pure contending with previous security programs. Make sure you have them totally uninstalled before trying to install KP3. Go here to download a very useful removal program: http://support.kaspersky.com/common/service.aspx?el=1464
  13. Just want to add my concurrence to Eniac 2's report. Same file just continues to grow with the same text over and over again: 20.11.2013 13:17:48.501 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10015003) [1] 20.11.2013 13:17:48.514 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10015024) GetRecentAccounts() 20.11.2013 13:17:48.529 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10015024) Requesting accounts 20.11.2013 13:17:48.548 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10010) TtsCustomDispatcher.Send >> 20.11.2013 13:17:48.563 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10010) AMessage.ClassName: TspmGetDBObjectsXml 20.11.2013 13:17:48.581 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10010) ----------- SendData 20.11.2013 13:17:48.596 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10010) ----------- ProcessSendResult 20.11.2013 13:17:48.614 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10010) TtsCustomDispatcher.Send << 20.11.2013 13:17:48.629 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10015024) Processing accounts 20.11.2013 13:17:48.656 [sTICKY_LOG]<1236> Info (10015024) Accounts processed OK Can this unending repetition possibly be useful?
  14. I think that cloud storage was how KL intended the Sync Passwords option to work. I could never get it to work on my computers though. I ended up putting my password database on a commercial cloud provider. Considering the highly encrypted nature of the database, and the re-encryption of the cloud storage, I guestimate that it is as safe as putting it on my hard-drive. And it works... err... worked until this latest snafu.
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