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  1. Solved. We removed the policy requirement for the password, waited for the policy update, and then removed the client. it was kav 10 and network agent.
  2. I am trying to BATCH uninstall kaspersky from the console. How do I put in a password? It does not ask me in the uninstall task creation wizard. I would hate to have to do this manually, that would be the final nail in the coffin.
  3. I was able to delete a task that was stuck "running" (one computer out of a hundred no longer existed, and the client install was stuck at liek 12% or something) by deleting the computer from active directory completely. That and a few reboots fixed the last stuck task I had. You could also take a look in the SQL database. I had no luck deleting the task directly using SQL management studio however, but you may have more luck if your sql-fu is better than mine. Obviously very bad things can happen going this lower level route so you need to be careful you dont delete the wrong entry/.
  4. Yeah I dont have time to dick around with a hundred work arounds for all the problems with this software. I will not be renewing my license for kaspersky and will just bare with it till the end of term. If i install it manually on one machine, what does that prove exactly? As I said the issue is sporadic. As in, it does not effect everyone, or every machine. On exchange server we are running kaspersky 8 for exchange. Exchange 2010 has a feature which allows someone with FULL CONTROL over a mailbox to have it auto added to their outlook client. It seems to be mostly these mail boxes which are not working, in some cases. In some cases the mailbox doesnt open, in some cases outlook crashes. Whitelisting outlook at various paths has not helped. System watcher, firewall component and network attack blocker have been disabled, for months. I have deselected "scan network drives" in the file component now, but performance issues are hard to monitor. especially for my users. I can only hope it helps. Look i appreciate the input and help, but I want an official fix from kaspersky. Not disabling components or working around them. It did not always have this problem, so they broke it and now must fix it in my opinion. I think I have literally had to whitelist every piece of software which uses the network at this point. The false positives are mind bogglingly frequent. I appreciate that you seem to be somewhat of an expert on working around these various problems. I am not sure whether to commend or cry for you.
  5. Yes you are correct. White listing tightvnc has solved the issue of me not being able to interact with it. thanks. as for the outlook problems, we only use office 2010 x86. version is 14.0.6129.5000 The biggest issue is that shared mailboxes do not refresh their mail. If KAV is active, the shared mailbox will not recieve mail. disable kav, and the mailbox pops back into life, sending and receiving. As for deployment of KAV, we (were) using a task which deployed kav to any computer on the domain which did not have it every hour. I have since disabled this and started removing kav to get things working again. I have not tried to manually deploy it. As the problem just started happening I think around the 14th of april, I can only assume its another flawed update. I really don't want to waste my time tracking down something which is most likely kaspersky behaving badly and most likely cannot be fixed by me. As per your advice, i think I will also try whitelisting "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE" and see if that makes things behave better. worth a shot. It unfortunate more people are not having the problem though. Also i should mention that before whitelisting outlook, my personal shared mailbox works fine. so the problem is sporadic.
  6. Ok so a reproducible thing, is that any additional mailboxes in outlook will not receive mail on some clients, or crash outlook 2010, when the virus scanner is running. This is despite of disabling the mail antivirus component. i have to completely disable it (which only works till reboot, and i cant do over VNC (THANKS GUYS)) or uninstall it. and personally i am so sick of this program. 1 major cockup a year is excusable, but now it seems it has become a monthly pain that i do not need. Oh and there used to be a setting somwhere in installation tasks which was "apply once and do not reapply". Does anyone know where that is in administration server kav 10? i want to configure the automatic kaspersky install to only install one time, so when i start removing it from certain problematic machines, it is not auto pushed back.
  7. Hey there. I am having various issues with kav across multiple machines. Not all problems are the same and they only have just started over the last few days. Some symptoms below: - Some SSL pages not loading in chrome "server aborted connection" - outlook taking a long time to do various tasks - some outlook shared mailboxes not downloading new mail - performance issues with virus scanner when enabled - dell switches (for example, 3448p) render garbage to ALL web browsers when KAV is on, (to reproduce, select Switch - Address Tables -> Dynamic address), which is just weird, but has occurred previously some time ago and was related to kav at that time. The problem completely dissapears when kav is disabled. Simply reload the web page in any web browser (ie, ff, chrome) and the tables are rendered correctly. I have now turned off the mail component as was suggested in another thread. But is anyone else seeing this sort of combination of issues? I dont really have a lot of evidence at this time and i dont have any chkdsk errors on bootup or licensing issues, as was mentioned in the current popular problem thread with kav. To try and fix, I have also applied the latest service rollup for exchange 2010 which has been out for a few days. The problems started before i had applied the windows update ,and they did not get better after it. which is why i have disabled mail integration. Sorry that there is not too much reproducible information to go on here. I just wanted to log some weird occurrences as of late and see if anyone else had a similar problem. The response to the kav 8 abcd patch issue was a 3 week nightmare, only finally solved by upgrading to kav 10. So I am trying to report problems early, in case it takes another two weeks to fix. Unfortunately that means I do not have all the information.
  8. it seems like the software is getting more and more buggy, would be my guess. There was the whole version 8 fiasco a few months ago, and now version 10 is acting up for me (i am gathering evidence, havent made a post yet). Personally I think it is having the hooks in the tcpip stack which is causing so many problems. It also seems they recently had a licensing issue as well, although thankfully and knock on wood, that has not occurred in our environment. yet.
  9. I am looking for a way to do this AUTOMATICALLY. I am aware that I could manually push the change to the client. Previous systems I have used (mcafee, symantec) would auto install the virus scanner when the machine was reimaged. Are you saying that kaspersky does not have this ability? I have to manually push the antivirus onto the machine, or delete the machine, manually, in order for it to get re picked up? there has to be a better way.
  10. Thank you for confirmation. I have let the site owner know, hopefully they fix it soon.
  11. Seems like this website is hacked. can someone else confirm that its not a false positive? www.vsb.bc.ca they seem to use stats from bestplacestats.info (INFO domain = RED FLAG for me!) Its the website of the vancouver school board. My guess would be this: is what is triggering it. can someone confirm for me please! thanks if it is a false positive, can you fix your software kaspersky? I dont like whitelisting. this is not my site, but my users are complaining about not having access. it doesnt seem to have downloaded a virus to my firefox anyways, so i think the link is safe to click on (if not in IE of course)
  12. Hello there I have a group task on my administration server which installs kaspersky to machines every 3 hours. For some reason, when i reimage a machine, I do not think it is recognizing that the machine needs to be reinstalled. Should it just work automatically? Is there some setting somewhere that I could check? Basically, when i reimage a machine, i have waited several days and the machine still does not have any antivirus unless i manually push it to the machine. I am not using GPO at all for this, its purely the admistrative server. I have "using network agent" and "using microsoft windows resources by means of administration server" checked in the task settings. "by means of update agents" is UNCHECKED. thats the only place i can really see settings for it, and there is nothing i can see that governs re installations. Please let me know. thanks.
  13. Ok i found it now. Kaspersky security centre -> Administration server -> Unassigned computers -> "Configure rules of computer allocation to administration groups" -> "Move servers to servers rule" (probably custom) -> Properties (button) -> General -> Check "Run ONCE for each computer" (previous setting was "Rule works Permanently" ) That did the trick for me. I also notice that you can assign computers based on an active directory group permissions. That would have worked too, but as long as when i manually move it it stays moved, then its all good! thanks for the help!
  14. Well that was a great idea! unfortunately after a few minutes, the server is automatically moved back to the "server" managed group. Any idea what is doing the moving? I did not set up kaspersky.
  15. Hello there. I am using kaspersky security centre version 9.0.2786. How do i exclude a particular computer from receiving the automatic installation of the antivirus software? I have a server which has a locked down configuration and it generates alot of errors when it tries to install and fails several times a day. How do i exclude this computer? there must be a way! i searched the forums but could not find anything. anyone know? thanks
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