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  1. Go to Online Security / click on total blocked computers / unblock , like in my printscreen:
  2. Hello ! I`v updated manually today KIS , I saw a big update and I looked at KIS version , but it was the same ( KIS ( a.b ) . Due to the big update I reboot my PC and then I saw KIS (a.b.d ) . Why KIS didn`t ask for reboot ? Because of some old topics where peoples complain about to many ? Why is a.b.d and not a.b.c ? What means bl.ppl autopatch and idsbase.kdz ? What brigns those 2 new ( and a.b.d ) ?
  3. Belive me , I don`t understand too . After 15 min trying to configure applications as I want , I managed just half and I almost disjointed my hand from so many right clicks ... and left . :b_lol1: I would prefer an improved KIS 8 " Application Filtering " module , let`s say with option to move more than one application from a group to another ( ex from low restricted to trusted ) , but I have the feeling that nobody will listen to this
  4. Hello bradavon ! I`m 100 % agree with you . The new "Application Activity Control" module was the main reason for me to go back to amazing KIS .
  5. If you are useing Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 , you can restrict application that connects to internet , to access confidential data ( file / folders ) ( settings / system security / application filtering settings / applications -> confidential data , right click and deny ) . You can add protected files or folders here: settings / system security / application filtering settings / Resources / Confidential data / User files Something like this :
  6. Next time when you have doubts if it is a FP or not you can ask KL guys at newvirus [AT] kaspersky dot com , or here with a non-working link ( ex hxxp://site.com ) . Experts like Baz or RomanG will help you . Anyway , I always read http://www.av-comparatives.org/ results , `cause they are trustable , and this time Kaspersky managed like always to be in top ( advanced + ) , with a good heuristic detection rate and so few false positive . Almost perfect . Good job KL !
  7. If you configure right KIS 8 , you can achieve full PC stealth , and you should pass ShieldsUP test . I made a test , in picture 1 with KIS disabled and in pic 2 with KIS ( right configured ) enabled :
  8. Yes , you`re on the right way , but in this case you`ll have to create rules to block or allow network activity to all ports , IPs , or just to some otherwise it will prompt you everytime that application will try connect to internet . I have strict rules for every application that connects to internet . In picture below , for ex , I choose SAS connects only on update servers , on port 80 , TCP protocol , outbound ( stream ) direction and I restricted any other SAS network activity :
  9. I think it`s an update algorithm , some KL restrictions that prevent update servers loading too much . I saw that on regular updates , small ones , I don`t pass 60-70 KB/s and on big updates ( 5-10 MB ) , I get 300 + KB/s . I made a quick test now :
  10. Or rather let them in " Trusted " group and: In KIS 8 go to Settings - System Security - Application Filtering - Applications , select application that you don`t want to connect to internet , right click on " Networks " column on the part of application that you want to restrict and choose " Deny "
  11. Find what ? Please post SAS and Malwarebytes logs, or those are gone too ? :b_lol1: Although your style of writing bring a little color to this forum , is interesting and makes me laughing , this is not a joking forum and you shouldn`t talk like this with Baz^^ . He is a respected KL Forum user and in his posture of a moderator , must ensure the proper state of forum .
  12. Yes , it disable it during install , but only with your permission . After , if KIS " automatically disable it for us " I think it would be considered a malware program :b_lol1:
  13. beauty_skool_dropout: from what I know , Vundo isn`t just a singular trojan , but a big trojan family .Kaspersky has a very good detection rate ,as you can see in latest a-v tests , and detects Vundo . Probably daily will shows up new variants of this trojan or other malware . Detection: Always will be like this , some will find a virus , and others not and vice versa , some will add detection more quickly and others slower, or never depending when they ( if ) will get a sample of that malware. One thing is sure: you can`t compare Kaspersky with any scanners , only to use them , if you like to get a second , third scan oppinion. Superantispyware and Malwarebytes are very good, and I`m useing them too , but as I said above. Even a malware it`s not detected , Kaspersky has modules that will stop it when it will be executed. Show us that sample that K isn`t detect it ( printscreen ) and if it`s so , not, then send it to K Lab , they will be glade to add it to detection. I will show you a small test , to see what I`m talking above about detection , that not even a software will catch 100 % all malware and that all anti-malware programs have their place in this world of fighting malware . Note: scaned the same folder with the same samples , but some files are only parts of the main malware and don`t contain malicous code, that`s why SOME are not detected:
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