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  1. LOL, I thought it was because the Kaspersky Gawdz knew I was moving my organization to VIPRE in the next couple of weeks. Good job, Kaspersky! Disabling the Web AntiVirus in the policies has got my users back online.
  2. I have two computers doing the same thing. Any fix, other than dumping KES?
  3. Hi, I have computer that is no longer on my network that has about 10 items in the "Backup" Repository. Current Action shows "Deleting" and they won't leave. I have KCS 9.2.69. This was happening before I upgraded to the latest KCS. I have a computer that IS on my network and has an item in the "Quarantine" Repository. Current Action shows "Deleting" as well and won't leave. I see the items listed in the nl_items table in SQL for the Backup Repository. Do I just delete these rows? Any ideas on what to do? Online support hasn't been helpful.
  4. WTF, someone is using Netware still? LOL.
  5. Bump. Any updates to this? I'm already researching what to replace Kaspersky with for my three sites. No support from this company.
  6. I have the same issue. These files are usually from the web antivirus blocking access to a website. Kaspersky needs to fix this, ASAP. Lots and lots of others are complaining about this.
  7. Does anyone have a solution to this, other than reinstalling KES? What a joke. I am reinstalling about 5 clients a week in my 300 computer environment. This app is not ready for primetime.
  8. So, what's the best way to push this update to my 100 clients? Create a new task (Install application remotely), KES8? Just like originally?
  9. Hello, I have a small remote office that has 15 computers on it. My KSC server is on my main network, which connects to this remote office via a VPN tunnel going over some DSL modems. The remote office computers are downloading updates from the KSC server, causing the VPN tunnel to crawl to a stop when the computers are downloading the initial update. Is it possible to manage these computers with a policy but have them download the updates directly from the Internet, instead of going over my VPN? How would I do this?
  10. Weird. I've been deploying it to over 70 computers this past week and not having any issues. You for certain have the correct account credentials specified in the task? Nothing in the Kaspesky event log? The logs are in \\computername\c$\windows\temp\kl-install-datehere.log and kl-setup-datehere.log
  11. Are the files getting coppied to c:\windows\temp on the client computers? There are logs in that folder as well that might give you a clue. Do you have any firewalls enabled on the clients that could be blocking the ports for the Network Agent?
  12. Not much of a price difference, but we went through Comware to purchase TM. They were willing to price match Kaspersky but I was ready to change. Too many root kits and malware getting through. With 150 licenses, we are paying about $15 a client for 1 year. At my smaller properties, I am paying around $17 a client for a 50 pack of licenses. Just wasn't happy with Trend Micro's interface. Kaspersky is blocking infected websites, something TM didn't seem to do as well. I haven't had a lot of time to compare the different products. It seems Kaspersky, Eset, Forefront and VIPRE are the popular choices.
  13. I've been testing Kaspersky for a couple weeks, took a good couple days to learn the interface and get it setup properlly. I just purchased 150 licenses and will start deploying to everyone. So far I'm happy with it, much better than the more expensive Trend Micro OfficeScan we currently have.
  14. Go to the main policy at the root. Under ADVANCED -> ACTIVITY & INHERITANCE Make sure the root policy does NOT have "Force inheritance of settings in the child policies" checked. Check the Help link for more info, this is what it says: If this check box is selected, after policy changes are applied, the following actions will be performed: policy setting values will be distributed to the policies of nested administration groups, that is, to the child policies; in the Activity and inheritance section of each child policy properties window the Inherit settings from parent policy check box is selected automatically. If this check box is selected, the child policies settings are locked. By default, this check box is cleared. Also, why are you not using Endpoint v8 on your clients?
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