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  1. Great. I didn't wish to clutter up the board with a new thread That link now points to the original 16.0.0 MR0. Where are you guys downloading MR1? Maybe it's just me with the problem, I don't know
  2. Thank you. All seems to be working fine. I don't know what the issue was\is with that device drive. I searched and found a ton of BSOD problems with this driver so I'm off to read 'em. Can you verify this is the latest or correct driver version? It's what is now in my device manager Kaspersky Labs Power Event Provider Driver klhk.sys Date 12/18/2015 version Thanks again for helping me.
  3. Quick question. I had to restored my PC with an full image backup that had KIS 16.0.0 MR0. To not have a repeat of what happened the first time--- I upgraded to KIS 16.0.1 MR1 without uninstalling KIS 16.0.0 MR0 . It seems to have installed fine and the Kaspersky power events provider driver has the new version. Are there any problems with this method if everything appears to have went smoothly? Old 16.0.0 folders are gone and new folder 16.0.1 is now there in program files and program data
  4. What I ended up with is a computer that wouldn't boot--Straight to BSOD. It was due to that power events provider driver. In Device Drivers. I manually installed it and rebooted and it was toast. No safe mode, no way in. I hope no one else experiences what i did but this thread may help them Do you know of a way to remove installed devices drivers from the recovery console? -No urgency as I had a full image backup but I've never been in that position before in 7 years using Win 7. It's a rather scary position to be in. I started with 16.0.1 MR1 then downgraded to 16.0.0 MR0 because of the update issue but now that it's fixed i went back to 16.0.1MR1 what i experience was BSOD which I couldn't even get in in safe mode. I need to learn how to edit that in the recovery console because i was in trouble except I had just made a full Acronis disk image-I was so lucky.
  5. Please answer these two questions kaspersky lab power events provider driver Was this driver removed from version KIS 16.01.445 MR1? What is this device driver for? After uninstalling patch E and installing KIS 16.01.445 MR1 in Windows 7 the device driver "Kaspersky power events provider driver" is gone The first install of MR1 the driver came up with an error then i uninstalled and reinstalled MR1 AGAIN and now it's just gone. At some point it was labelled unknown driver and wasn't giving an error
  6. Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 | 3 Devices | 1 Year | Download [Online Code] $22.07 from Amazon
  7. Also, Yes, buying from Kaspersky is very expensive. Buying from a reliable source like Amazon is very cheap Also, though I don't condone this you can usually find the previous version for even cheaper and the license works the same with the current version
  8. Will an updated version be available here when it is fixed? How will i know it's fixed? Uninstalling and reinstalling is a major pain and quite frustrating http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english/homeuser/kis2016/ --------------------------------------------- //edit: Merged, and replied:
  9. I simply want to know when is fixed and available for download. I've read all of the merged and closed threads and cannot seem to find the simple answer What is the current official version of KIS for USA? The sticky thread says "Download the latest Kaspersky product updates, Latest version is 2016 (" I know this reboot issue is a problem for most everyone so can a correct sticky thread be put up? The current one says but the links inside now take you to I was using and started getting a reboot notice after every update. this became annoying so I uninstalled and put in and now the problem has fixed itself I LIKED and wish to continue with it when it is FIXED. How will I know when the sticky threads are not even correct? Thank you
  10. I guess I'm a little bit dumb. Forgive me and thanks for the patience So the browser extensions only apply to the protected browser but the setting is in the advanced section of the web anti virus? This seems confusing to me but I'm not too bright Just to be clear-The web anti virus and url advisor will work fine. The protected browser module is the only thing affected? Thanks in advance for any clarification you can give me
  11. Does the Web Anti-Virus component still function properly if I DO NOT use the browser plugins. I have chosen in advanced settings to UNCHECK and NOT USE the "automatically activate Kaspersky protection extensions in browsers" I have disabled private browsing and safe money My question is-Is my web traffic still scanned with the module and working properly? Also is the URL advisor still working if I do not enable the plugins? The plug ins seems to conflict with some addons I prefer in Firefox but I still want my browser traffic scanned and the url advisor working
  12. If anyone else has this problem in my case it appear to have been related to mystart.tb or something like that. I don't have the exact name. I uninstalled a program called freemake used to convert mk4 vids to just the audio mp3. It's considered safe but I guess it may have been the culprit. I also ran malwarebytes which found that mystart thing in my firefox profile, then ran hitman pro which found a ton of tracking cookies and a 2 traces of junk in the registry but no files or anything. I normally run self destructing cookies and better privacy add ons in firefox, or run ghostery but lately I've been trying to figure out why I've been getting so many flash crashes--a common problem--and have disabled those plugins, hence the large number of tracking cookies hitman pro found I'm not positive what the issue was but it seems to be solved now. It's also possible that nothing I did fixed it and kaspersky fixed their database
  13. I'm having the same problem. It's when I use the google firefox's search box the paypal links all have a green shield but if I click on them it says anti phishing blocked Only way around it is to use a different search plug in like yahoo or duck duck go OR type paypal url in directly. Just started April 1 Same as your attached link image Only with paypal that ive noticed
  14. If I try to stream a radio station in Firefox it only works if I disable "Anti Banner" completely. I've tried adding the url under allowed URLs every way imaginable. Can someone tell me how to allow this url without disabling "Anti Banner"? http://player.tritondigital.com/embed.php?embedid=9851 It's the streaming link found on this page for http://www.groundzeromedia.org/listen-to-ground-zero/ Under "LISTEN ON YOUR COMPUTER The Ground Zero [SPAM!!!] is available Monday through Friday from 7pm to 12am Pacific on FM News 101 KXL located in Portland, Oregon. -Click HERE to listen to the live KXL stream in your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) -Click HERE to listen to the live KXL stream in your MP3 player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC)"
  15. I don't know if this helps but I'm running KIS 2013 on Win 7x64 with IE 11 and all MS updates as of Dec,11 2013 and the gadget works fine
  16. All of a sudden all the addons work for KIS 2013 with firefox ver 25.01. It says Dec 10 on all the addons dates in firefox. I still have 2013(i) which I think has been out for a bit. Here is my issue--Dec 10th firefox released v26. If I upgrade I lose the addons again. They aren't compatible with FF v26. It seems odd that Kaspersky would release an update for v25.01 the day FF releases v26. My question was there an update or did my addons just start working and will there still be future updates for 2013. The changelog for FF v26 doesn't have much and there are no security risks as far as I can tell. If Kaspersky is still going to update 2013 addons but a version behind I will wait but if this is not going to be a regular thing for KIS 2013 I might as well just update FF
  17. This is complete MADNESS!! I switched from Pure 3.0 when my license expired because of the lack of support for the password manager. I was paying for something I couldn't use. So I switch to KIS and LOSE all the features I used and had in Pure 3.0 I feel like a joke is being played on me. So I'm stuck using KIS 2013 which I understand is the same engine as Pure 3.0, is this correct? QUESTION: Is KIS 2013 the same engine as Pure 3.0? I've been using KAS for as long as I can remember...9 years-10 years..not sure...After the frustration with Pure and the password manager(not counting the addons) this is about it for me... Please answer my question. i have been a looong time loyal customer and promoter\supporter of KAS. The reason KAS became so big was it was preferred by the tweakers and gained a great rep for being able to customize to get the best protection and the best features you wanted.. Now that KAS doesn't need us and they can rely on their reputation they dumped us..
  18. Is there an update ( c ) released for the addon for firefox and Chrome users?
  19. Oh..I'm still waiting on help..Thanks in advance
  20. I've been using Kaspersky for...well before Pure was around. My feelings Pure 2.0 went bad after an update earlier this year which prevent you from being able to auto start it. It would hang and lock up your desktop on boot. I stayed with v2 and just manually started it up whenever i rebooted because of the amazing amount of issues with Pure 3.0 AND none of the addons worked with current version of Fireofx(which they kept updating pure 2..at least the PM)..I was ready to give up. Then the ( B ) update came and I said why not.. I installed it over the top of 2(as was recommended if you use the PM) and all my passwords remained intact. It actually works too well right now. It's been a long time since Kaspersky has been flawlessly functioning and I'm remembering why I've always used them. Right now everything is working perfectly with Firefox v22 and HOPEFULLY with this version they update it on time. We'll see.
  21. LOL...I don't think he's updated that page in awhile. look at the versions of the firewalls that pass. McAffee v2..they are on version 8 or something..Same with Nortons.. HE DOESN'T EVEN MENTION KASPERSKY LEAKTEST WILL FAIL TO CONNECT EVERY TIME IF YOU CHOOSE It's only allowed becauee of KSN and/or hueristics it is allowed thru..Don't rely on that... Just untick interactive protection and allow\block\allow once\ect each item that accesses the net or system ect . Kaspersky for a few years now has tried to be less noisy and they succeeded in spades. If you want your noisy firewall back which is fine just untick interactive protection
  22. Wrong...Kaspersky is already checking it against it's database and if not in there then with heuristics.. Just untick interactive protection and allow\block\allow once\ect each item that accesses the net or system ect . Kaspersky for a few years now has tried to be less noisy and they succeeded in spades. If you want your noisy firewall back which is fine just untick interactive protection You'll need to remove Gibson research from you application\firewall area.. I don't see the isssue
  23. I went to Settings-->Additional(the buttom on the top right)--->Network-->then I click on install certificates. For some reason, for me it wouldn't work and I had to do the manual instal which is download the file-->save it --->open firefox--->tools---->options--->advanced----->Encryption---->view certificates----->authorities---->NOW IMPORT THE FILE YOU SAVED I think if you just untick scan encrypted connections in Kaspersky..where you install the cert...umm..here---> Settings-->Additional(the buttom on the top right)--->Network...I think it will stop giving you the error..IDK..I always get certificate encryption problems when installing a new version..and I usually just turn it off to fix it but this time I went thru the steps thinking it couldn't hurt and so far it's all good.. If you're using IE it's a phase you'll grow out of. I enjoyed punishing myself too but therapy helped and I no longer feel the need to use IE. If this wasn't confusing enough ask me to be more clear and I'll really confuse you.. Good luck and if I can help, ask It should install into IE usinf the first method...idk how to manually install 'em tho.
  24. Under General options UNTICK Interactive protections. You will need to trust\block\ect each thing you run. Sort of like the old days run leak test...choose "allow now" click "Test for leaks" - choose "block now"
  25. This has happened with a previous version of Pure. I think r2. When I installed Pure 3.0 it caused Firefox to reject a bunch of sites(even Paypal) due to bad certificates. I downloaded the Kaspersky CA one and imported it into firefox and all seems ok but is this the correct thing to do? AND if so, why doesnt Kaspersky automatically do it? BTW...I waited until the B update to switch to Pure 3.0 and so far I'm very happy..I was at my wits end with the system hang on reboot with Pure 2.0 but was afraid of the issues with Pure 3.0 prior to the B update. NOW I can recommend Pure to my friends again..BRAVO
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