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  1. I am running the latest KIS, and suddenly I have started to receive emails with just "[sPAM!]" as a subject. There are no other details everything has been stripped away. Due to myself sending an email home, I was able to determine it was the Anti-Spam section of KIS. (I turned it off sent the email again - It worked, yet when I activate it it would strip everything out the email leaving only [spam] in the subject. I have two questions, one to the users at large, and the other to the programmers. Users 1) Does anyone else have this issue? Programmers 2) Are you aware of this issue? Thanks and best regards Sleuth
  2. Despite "Customer Service" saying that the licence was valid, it now appears it isn't. I will now think about looking for a different Password Manager.
  3. The usual software licence is for the life major release (e.g. version 5, when version 6 is released the licence is no longer valid. That is normal, and is a standard business practice. However when I was researching password managers, it appeared that this was not the case for Kaspersky. As has been stated, how can a company continue to provide free updates with out a fresh cashflow? Of course there are the free password managers such as Norton! I have also had the licence validation issue. I sent a message to customer service, requesting information. They have confirmed that the licence is valid and requested I send screenshots to them. I have a feeling that this is something unexpected. For customer service I think that is wonderful, they are honouring at least for now their commitment to a buy once lifetime licence promise. Best regards Sleuth
  4. Sorry to tell you this - you have to check and perform the updating yourself.
  5. I have a question that hopefully, an easy answer will be available. I have a 3 licence Internet Security, and it is assigned to 2 desktops and 1 Lap-top. Shortly I will be purchasing a new computer, one of the old desktops will be retired - permanently. Is it possible to switch licences from one computer to another, thus maintaining an active 3 computer usage? Thank you very much for any advice that you can give me. Best regards Adam
  6. Hello, this is my first post here, so hopefully the wisdom of the forum cna help me. My frequently used accounts entries are completely empty, yet we use a number of accounts frequently. Is there a way of adding to the Frequently used accounts so the more common ones are displayed? Thank you very much & best regards Adam
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