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  1. Have you heard anything on this? I contacted Support about a week ago and haven't heard anything. I think I will be sure and NOT recommend Kaspersky to anyone just because their tech support is horrible! Luckily my issue is not as important, but I did purchase the 3 copy version and all my machines have this annoying icon. Looks like it's back to McAfee for me. The only problem is I'm out the money I paid for Kaspersky, but I can't deal with this annoying icon anymore.
  2. We are not the only ones with this problem. Before coming here, I did a search and found others having the same issue. The yellow triangle is showing up because for some reason Microsoft is not getting a good result back when it checks for internet connectivity even though the connectivity is there. Kaspersky is blocking something, but we'll have to leave it up to them to fix. I hope to get this resolved soon, because it very annoying and I'm sure it's something fairly simple.
  3. Anyone have any suggestions? I have already spent more time on this anoying little problem than I want to admit. As a software developer for over 25 years, I have been through every AV product on the market. I thought I finally found a decent solution with Kaspersy. I guess they are just like all the rest. :dash1:
  4. I have already done this and this was a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro and Kaspersky. This is why I got on this support forum to see if there was something I may have been missing. I have also tried giving Trusted access to the following sites which is where Microsoft checks to see if there is a connection: ncsi.glbdns.microsoft.com www.msftncsi.com
  5. I am already running Internet Explorer 9 even though the handy dandy GSI tool reports IE 8. I have turned on the Kaspersky firewall with Trusted network and re-booted. Still same issue.
  6. The Firewall is turned off in Kaspersky. I am using my ISPs router for firewall protection. I also have another workstation with the same setup and it too has the yellow triangle.
  7. Here is the link the GSI created: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...b67a1f31cd0aefb
  8. I am having an issue after installing Kaspersky Pure. The Network and Sharing Center icon in the System Tray shows a yellow triangle and displays "No Internet Access" when you hover over it even though I DO have Internet Access. If I stop Kaspersky Pure and leave it disabled and reboot, the yellow triangle goes away and looks normal. If I start Kaspersky Pure and leave it enabled and reboot, it comes back. I am amazed that nobody else has seen this issue. I have Windows 7 Professional and Kaspersky Pure installed.
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