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  1. Hi Guys, Just to keep you updated, the issue seems to have been resolved on our system. There was a Kaspersky update that was rolled out to all of our clients around 4 weeks ago. You would know if you had it because it requires all client machines to be re-started (NOTE: IT MUST BE A RE-START TO APPLY CORRECTLY. IF YOU SHUT DOWN AND RE-BOOT IT DOES NOT APPLY.) Since then it has been running smoothly with no errors at all. So it looks like someone at Kaspersky did manage to find a solution the the issue after all.
  2. Hi, OK, when it starts failing i will collect another dump and send it over. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Please see link to the memory dump file: https://storage.googleapis.com/kav_reports/MEMORY.zip We are also experiencing an issue where none of the database update tasks will update the clients databases. It claims there are no updates available, however there are new files in the repository. I have to delete the existing repository updates folder then run the 'download repository updates task' to get the updates to work again? I am not pleased as it is getting worse rather than improving. I soon will have no choice but to re-install the entire Kaspersky Security Center from scratch to try and fix the issue. I don't have the time to spend on this but i may have no choice due to these ongoing problems. regards.
  4. Hi, I am running windows server 2012 r2. There is no option for this OS? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, How would i produce a memory dump file on the system without a blue screen? As far as i am aware only in the event of a system critical error will windows generate the memory dump file. Is there another way this can be done that you know of? Many Thanks.
  6. Hi, The task has now started to fail again as expected. I have included a link to the latest GSI report. https://storage.googleapis.com/kav_reports/GSI6_SERVER01_CB_01_15_2018_12_02_16.zip Many thanks.
  7. Hi, The server was rebooted on the 26th so the task is currently running correctly. Once it starts to fail again i will send over a GSI report. Many Thanks.
  8. Hi, Yes the updater errors are still in the windows event log. I am using the manual update utility and that can access the updates from the online servers with no issue I have uploaded the requested trace files via the FTP details previously given. Many Thanks.
  9. Hi, Please see attached as requested. Many Thanks. Kaspersky Lab software version report (12-21-2017 10-35-40 AM).pdf Download updates to Repository result.txt
  10. Hi, The update repository task is still failing with the 'waiting timeout' error. This issue has still not been resolved after applying the registry fix mentioned previously. Please can this be looked into. Many Thanks.
  11. hello i think we have resolved this on our own. we decided we would manually delete all of the files from the KSC repository and forced an update as everything pointed to an issue with the server files... rollback clearly does not do this. we then ran the update process on each of the groups we have, and can confirm we are no longer getting any errors for the update task and statuses are now correctly showing as OK, the licence error has also gone away on the effected pc's somewhere within these repository files there is an update that requires restart of kaspersky, i wonder if it was this one that was causing the issues? clearly something in the repository was corrupt so far all effected machines appear to now be updating without error once restarted KB
  12. any update in relation to the files i sent you? nothing we have tried here has resolved
  13. many thanks i have now uploaded to ftp address provided x2 GSI (server and workstation) x1 KSI trace (workstation) btw i rebooted the server last night in hope it would resolve the issue as it used to, but unfortunately not so now having to update clients from kaspersky online servers for now, as cannot risk clients not being up to date
  14. how should i get these across to you as some of the files are over 10mb even when zipped thanks
  15. right now not a single client is updating from KSC so technically they are all faulting! so which error do you want to look at first the licence error ? or the error verifying application databases? or the issue where the machines seem to think there are no updates available? or do you want me to run a trace and GSI report on one of each machine effected? surely the issue has to be server side as that is where we have been making the changes up until now?
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