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  1. Doing that disables anti banner function,and kaspersky no longer detects web virus.Tested from Ecar test page.So basically it disables web antivrius.All this are BS solution.If patch D doesn't fix it gonna uninstall this piece of junk.Seriously how can a company screw something which was working fine on the previous version?Like seriously WTF.And what the need of spamming new version of AV every year?Why can't you just keep patching and optimising a set version.
  2. Exactly.No clue how that gold beta tester can just say it improves web performance.lol
  3. They said it will be fixed in patch D?What this new version crap?Isn't KIS suppose to auto update new version?
  4. I have KIS2014 and origin refuses to login if i enable encrypted network scanning in network option.I want to keep encrypted data scanning on.So i add origin to the exclusive list.
  5. Instead of uninstalling KIS you guys can just add crome.exe to exclusion list.And then use add block as crome extension.You will lose all web realted KIS protection but at least no more browser slowness.Till this guys fix it with patch D.
  6. Hey can u tell me if patch C fixes slow internet browsing in kis 2014?Does KIS 2013 works in win8?
  7. i have this same problem also.Disabling those ports fixes it.But it breaks antibanner.Any ETA on the patch?I have win8.
  8. Got win8 and same issue.First i thought my ISP is f~ed. After seeing this thread i know its KIS2014. edit: disarmed f-bomb.
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