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  1. Hi, you mean, Administration server property event size(5000000) or each event property display size? Thank you.
  2. Hi, When we stop the admin server services all process/cpu getting normal.we stop all scan and update task.
  3. sorry for delay, i tried to get GSI report but server is getting stuck.. cpu usage 100%. both sqlserver and kasperskt administration server is get cpu 50% and 40%. i tried to clear event list but it getting stuck and console getting time out. then i install sql management studio. after that i see some table records(event table) getting 2 million records. can i delete that records by using sql command and? USE Databasename; GO DELETE TOP (100000) FROM WHERE GO
  4. hi, Thanks for the reply. if we decrease the number of event, is it getting corrupted? because that customer didn't have kaspersky backup for last two months. Thank you
  5. Hi, Thank you for reply. they are using free sql express which include in Kaspersky setup. we check the database size now it over 10GB(KAV.mdb). i think that free version limit is 10GB. now we edit administrator events and policy event. but data base size is same. can we increase event size(please see the attached image.) did you know how to delete database file? because we install SQL management studio now we can see the table details and others. is it possible? they have much enough free space in C and D drive
  6. Hi, one of our client getting following error message when run the backup. also in that server sql server CPU usage and KLserver usage is getting high(40 and 45). server is getting freeze. there are 2000 client connected to that server.
  7. thanks for reply. sorry for the mistake my VM cluster is not working successfully. i will come with the story if error is repeated.
  8. Dear All, need to know something about kaspersky file and folder encryption. one of our client using KESB Advance license and they used kaspersky file and folder encryption. they have 1 master-server and 20 slave servers. in master server they used that file and folder encryption. my problem is,,,, if their client moves to the slave server branch, can they access that encrypted folder??? another thing is they used policy profile change option(if client move to the slave server branch slave server policy will apply for them). also they can access to the mater-server via network(vpn). we try it ,but we cannot access that folder. i think the problem is policy profile.
  9. Thanks for the reply. my version is ksvns-3.0.0-61d.x86_64.sles_signed.ovf
  10. Hi, when we going to deploy the network attack blocker component to esxi via security center it gives following error???
  11. Thank you for reply, please find the attached image you request. they using Thunderbird mail client. Why Parse Email Format option not in Mail anti virus??
  12. Dear All, Where I can find the Parse Email Format in kaspersky End point security MR1 policy? because one of our client has KESB select, when they send the email with attachment, their firewall drop that email because of virus. then we copy that email box to windows PC. because their mail server is Linux. after scan that email box kaspersky workstation is not detected any thing. but avg free antivirus detected it there is a Trojan. then we copy that file to security center server and scan it , the server kaspersky end point detected it is a Trojan backdoor. then i disable the policy in workstation and edit custom setting that option(Parse Email Format). then workstation detect that Trojan. their mail boxes sync with their windows PC. now the problem is how i do this to all computers??????? i cannot run scan task in every time??? without Parse Email Format kaspersky not detected that. my problem is how kaspersky server end point detected it??????? Customer use KSC 10.1.249/ KES With here i attached that email box. PW:123 New.zip
  13. Dear All, how to distribute update from KSOS 4 version???? server to client
  14. thank for the reply. i checked the URL and our version is not there(dell optiplex 3020). i need to know what is the meaning of "Device incompatible with authentication agent"
  15. Hi, When we do the full disk encryption in one of our client, it gives following error. see the attached image. We use following, KSC 10.2.434 KES 10 SP1 also see the get system file and others....
  16. Dear All, I need to clarify some information regarding Full Disk Encryption in KES 10 SP1. one of our client used kaspersky full disk encryption with KES 10 MR1. now we need to upgrade it to KES 10 SP1. their all computers full disk encryption is completed 100%. i need to know about process to do it(upgrade)? if we upgrade Netagent / Virus guards to new versions, then create policy(new SP1) to enable full disk encryption, what happen to full disk encryption completed computers? is it start encryption again?????(i think that is not possible) OR 1st we need to decrypt disk and enable full disk with new policy (new SP1) i think you can understand my problem...
  17. Hi, i did not enable that(Switch to out-of-office policy) and didn't mention any connection gateway. is there any possible way to do my requirement? Thank you.
  18. Dear All, Need assistance of following, One of our client use KSC 10 SP 1(advance license). in their LAN they use endpoint control, encryption and system management. when they implement device control and web control they use out of office policy, because after office they need to allow web and device control. it is works fine. but there are another office they have in other city they connected to the head office security center via public IP(use port forwarding ), in that office also they use web and device control. the problem is we cannot implement out of office policy for them. because they already connect to the security center with public IP through internet. Is there any way to configure the connection profile(net-agent policy) to do that? we need to allow wed and device control after office. now we are implement schedule for the web control(but device control still there), it works but they asking, what happen when the get leave in middle of week????????????? Waiting for FEED back Reply ASAP....... :icon20:
  19. Dear All, we need to protect following Ubuntu(desktop) and Debian server. but i cannot see that versions in software requirements. is it possible to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Linux setup to following versions. Ubuntu (desktop) 13.1, 14.04 Centos (desktop) 10 Debian 7.8(Server) Thank you.
  20. Thank you for your quick response. i will do it.....
  21. Dear All, we done the full disk encryption in one of our client. it is a laptop. after policy enforce it start the encryption. after restart the laptop kaspersky window coming and ask for authentication agent password. when it pass window loading and ask windows repairing. (Encryption is not completed 100% on that disk) now i cannot log into the windows. i was done following steps, 1.use restore utility, (by connecting hard disk to another computer which already connected to that security center with encryption. passing that key process ) but after done the steps, when i log in to the encrypted disk that going to not responded. 2. then i scan that disk and click fix MBR, it says MBR was Corrupted. Now i want to Format this disk, it is possible??? after format can we encrypt this disk??????
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