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  1. I am having a very similar problem. How close are you to a new version of RescueDisc ? Thank you for your continued support of this great off-line bootable product !!! :-)
  2. More information is needed. For example what you expect to be the "c" drive is not necessarily the Windows "C:" drive, because a number of manufacturers or installations may have an extra "rescue" or "recovery" partition. Also, if you computer is set up as a multi-boot system this could happen. Since you also ran two other "linux scanners" ... you probably don't have to worry.
  3. I have used the Rescue Disk a few times this past week. What I had to do usually is to do a manual network configuration. First I would "exit" the main application, then select "Network Setup" from the lower-left-corner "start" menu. In the pop-up choose "Configure Network Adapter" and make sure the adapter you expect is listed (usually there should be only one). Select it with "ok", then answer "Yes" to the following pop-up. Now the "hard" work begins. Use Manual Configuation ( I found that DHCP did not work reliably ). The following are examples for my local network, you might have to tweak the numbers for yours. Basically the broadcast address is the same as the IP address you assign to your PC, except for the last octet=255; network mask should always be as shown. Gateway is usually the address of your router (most common are or; for DNS you could try your router's address. IP Address Network Mask Broadcast Address Gateway DNS Servers Then use the lower-left-corner "start" menu to re-start the main Rescue Disk application.
  4. I started a trial evaluation of Kaspersky Pure on Win7/Pro/64 a few days ago. I run Norton Ghost 14 with daily evening scheduled incremental backups (full backups monthly). I installed KP on Oct 13, but have not tracked reboots. Usually I just put the PC in sleep mode. The automated NG14 backups ran fine Oct 13, 14 and 15. But *NOT* Oct 16. I suspect that I rebooted at least once daily during the first few days with KP, but not yesterday between the Oct15 & 16 backups. This morning I tried to reboot, but had to FORCE the NG14 tray application to stop manually before Win7 would shutdown. Upon reboot NG14 asked me if I wanted to run missed backups, which I confirmed, and they completed fine. NG14 has a setting where you can change its performance impact. Mine is set to fast (affecting and slowing all other applications). I've never had any trouble with this, but now with KP running, maybe I could set it to a "slower" setting and try again. My opinion: having to do *anything* special (disabling KIS or any other user "interference") is *absolutely* *NOT* acceptable. The whole reason for NG's automated scheduled backups is that it is a "set-and-forget" process. Without that backups simply do not get done the way they need to ! I understand another poster's comment about doing backups from bootable media ... to avoid any interference with the process ... but it's simply not practical. Norton has done a great job (volume shadow copying & great scheduling flexibility) to make the process painless. And that's how it should be. In my case KP does apparently not need to be turned off or tweaked to have NG14 run it's backups (mind you I have not yet verified the integrity of the restore process since installing KP ( I have done such tests previously and successfully ) ). So that's a good thing. If the cause for not running properly last night is the fact that I need to do shutdown nightly (instead of multi-day sleep mode) ... then ok, that's something I am willing to do. But any special accomodation beyond that just to have KP run merrily together with NG14 is an absolute no-no. So ... in summary, so far NG14 & KP run ok together. If I find more info or solution to last night's hiccup I'll post back.
  5. More info. See attached screen shots. The first one is the one KP throws up and which I answer with "Allow". However, notice the folder it mentions and the file name for the driver. It's "Logger.sys" (not "klick.sys"). And it's not the standard DRIVERS folder. Now something interesting happens. I used a JPG file and renamed it "Logger.sys" and placed it in the mentioned SysWow64\drivers folder. I then re-executed the "KLDump.exe" ... and after its error message, guess what ?! The "Logger.sys" has been deleted ! Does that help to further debug this mystery ????? (Naturally the JPG file is a test dummy ... I did not want to risk using "klick.dat" renamed to "klick.sys".) (oh, and BTW, I had Windows Defender disabled during this test, but UAC still active.)
  6. Additional Info ... I did a "dir /od" of the System32\Drivers folder. It shows another file dated same time as "klick.dat" which seems weird to me. Also, there is a "tcpip.sys" driver as recent as June of this year. That may simply be a WinUpdate causing it, but I am curious and would like to compare to your Win7/64 system. Please post a list "dir /od" similar to mine. The "hitmanpro35.sys" is expected as I tried that yesterday. But what is "klin.dat" ? Should that one be "klin.sys" also ? And what is "klif.sys" ? TIA,
  7. **MORE INFO** I just found a "klick.dat" in C:\Windows\system32\drivers dated 10/13/2011 (which might be the first time I tried KLDump). What's your md5 for THAT file ? If I have a matching md5 ... I could just rename it "klick.sys" ???
  8. Thanks. ( Only reason I tried to "execute" klick was some ambiguity in your instructions ) So ... can you do an md5 on your "kldump.exe" ? and post it ? What other reasons possibly disabling the installation of "klick.sys" ?
  9. See attached. Also ... in the meantime I have tried turning off UAC ... no improvement ... and I turned it back on (how inconvenient to have to reboot! ... twice :b_lol1: )
  10. *UPDATE* ... I just had the idea of using the email address mention in the "KLDump.exe: an utility for creation of network attack dump files" link to contat Kaspersky direct for help with this ... lets see what happens.
  11. No they did not instruct me to run it; but I am trying to trace some outbound attacks which are not otherwise found or blocked on the local Win7 PC (they appear in the logs of a proxy server sitting between the Win7 system and the internet). I have not tried to disable UAC, and I don't think it will help. Most likely the "logger.sys" file is either missing, blocked or not properly installed by the KLDump facility. This may be due to the Win7/Pro/64 version I am using. ( I have now searched the C: drive for the "Logger.sys" file. It is not present. Thus ... it can't be registered. Due to the potential nature of the file I am wary of finding/downloading it separately, except in conjunction with KLDump. ) I got KLDump.zip from a different (older) forum link, but just downloaded the link you suggested. That version of the exe and the one I downloaded yesterday are identical ("fc /b"). Thanks for trying to help ... Any other ideas ?
  12. Hi ! Newbie here (at least as far as Kaspersky Pure or any Kaspersky product is concerned anyways) ... running a 30 day trial version of Kaspersky Pure ("KP"). Using Win7Pro/64 with SP1. Trying to run the KLDump.exe from a command window (started with admin privilege) gets me several warnings from KP, all of which I allow. When finally KLDump.exe seems to want to execute it throws back an error message (see below). How do I get around this ? KLDump.exe -f KAV_dump.txt Cannot register plugin driver "Logger". Execution stopped. TIA,
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