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  1. I've already given up and purchased Sticky Password. $12.00, can import from password manager, and they update constantly.
  2. Technical Support 26.10.2014 [08:35] "Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Lab tech support. I apologize for the inconvenience you are having regarding this internet-working problem but do not worry, I will be more than glad to assist you with this issue. The estimated date that Password Manager should work with Pure 3.0 is November 3. I apology for any inconvenience this issue has caused you," So where is this fix?
  3. That thread is a joke. Oh... let me just say a little something since you guys seem to not know your products. Password Manager is not an add-on. Yes, it is a part of Pure, but it's not an add-on. It's function are to: - Automatically imports passwords from browsers and apps - Auto-login to websites - Automatically fills in forms on websites WE do not have this function of a product we purchased. This occurs every time the browsers update. This is a constant and ongoing fiasco. I do not understand why you are not in contact with them and getting this sorted out so your CUSTOMERS are not shafted for months at a time. I will not be renewing when my subscription is up this time. I've had enough.
  4. I just resorted to using Sticky Password as someone mentioned above. At least you can import your password database and they give you 30 days free. It's better than the nothing we have now.
  5. Are we going to get an update on this? It will be a month tomorrow and still nothing.
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