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  1. Hello JanRei, Thank you for reaching out, May I ask if there is anything I could have done or be doing that could cause the issue so early after installing KPM8? And specifically I am greatly wondering if a person puts the wrong username and/or password into the field right after installation can that cause the "can't connect with servers" message or would it show that the credentials were not correct?? Thank you much.
  2. DJ#1, Just wanted to mention if the need arises in the future that you can apparently click on the CAPTCHA image and it will change. Hopefully a person quickly finds a couple that are easier to distinguish. Take care
  3. Of Topic: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=318149&st=20&start=20 on 4/20/2015 5-message down

    "I am personally of the opinion that many optimization tools are a mix of magic and destructive effects".

    I don't think there is any better way of representing the possible helpfulness or/and the potential for disaster for using registry cleaners and

  4. And GSI run on its 'maximum' settings level: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c93ed9535f8af13
  5. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...64aeb1fcfc8cbb1 - using GSI tool with default settings. (Was a little confusing at first as I was using GSI v6.x and it doesn't put it into a verbose listing). No, that was my first message on the boards and I didn't realize how different the Cloud Protection feature is. I've double checked that and it (KCP) reports that it is connected and synchronized. I hadn't gotten much into the details of the issue with KPM as I thought I could troubleshoot it but I have done pretty much what I can on my own... KTS got installed on the 15th(?) and then KPM installed on the next date. It installed and said finished and then launched from the installation completed window and immediately brought up the credentials window (User Name/PW) and then immediately went to the "can't connect with servers" type window. At no time has it asked me about which browser to install the plug-in or any settings or anything else. Just the log-in screen and the error screen. So of course no plug-ins show in IE8 or FF37.0.1. Should you need any further information or have any suggestions I gleefully await your reply. Thank you much for the reply, JanRei Edit: System running is WinXp Home.
  6. Hello breezy1, For those with the experience and knowledge I thought I would ask the Operating System you are using and the version of Firefox that you are using. Also do any Kaspersky plug-ins show up in the Firefox plug-ins list? Tools >> Addons or Ctrl-Shift-A or one can type about:addons in the Firefox address bar. All 3 options lead to the FF Add-ons Manager. I myself would probably take the advice of a moderator/expert however I thought it might be helpful to mention that I had spoken to a phone rep. about the version number I had compared to what was available and was informed that 15.0.2 had some Safe Money issues and that an update would be pushed out toward the end of the month to correct current Safe Money issue with 15.0.x. I'm sure someone will be along and be able to give much more concise information and help. Take care
  7. Oh crud, I don't know how much of a difference it makes but I was at center.kaspersky.com >> Kaspersky account settings > List of activation codes and when I reviewed the email under KPM the Activation code is listed as Free Version. I don't know if it would usually show an activation code and if it should I don't know if this is the source of my issue and how I would go about fixing it. But at least it's something to chomp on after four days of headache.
  8. I have looked through the forums and the closest thing I could find for questions about the forum settings (changing email, forum settings, etc) would be the general Fan Club and I'm not registered to enter there. Is there a section for these types of questions? Feel free to move or delete in accordance with rules of the forums. I understand. Take care, Mumford68
  9. Hello, I am new to KTS. Currently running v15.0.1.415©. KTS tagged a legit program but it warns that it has the potential to be an issue. I've used it for quite a while and would rather continue to use it (although perhaps there is a better alternative, in any case...). My question is that if I wish to use the program in question I need to add it to the 'Exclusion list', however under 'Protection Components' it lists six items that can be ticked on or off with at least one needing to be ticked on to be able to save it to the Exclusion list. I would like to have it added to the list so that I can use the program however I would like KTS to 'keep an eye on it' just like any other program to make sure if the coding ever gets suspicious it will not automatically ignore it. My confusion is that I don't understand if all the Protection Component are ticked on does that mean that those 6 items are ignored or does it mean that those 6 items are not part of the Exclusion Rule? So to make it so confusing but I want to make sure I get it right. Take care Mumford68 Edit: This should have been posted to PURE & KTS forum. My apologies. If I could move or delete I would have.
  10. Hello, I am new to these products and hope people will be able to stand my questions until I can become properly acclimated with them. I have KTS and KPM. KTS was purchased a few days ago and installed. When I realized that KPM wasn't bundled with the program I went looking for it. I think I downloaded the trial version thinking that I would simply need to enter an activation code and have it unlocked for its full potential. After install it loaded up but I was confronted with an 'unable to communicate with servers' type message. I then uninstalled KPM and went into my.kaspersky account and under the 'KTS' box is an 'add product' box for which it shows KPM as a compatible product and I used that link (probably the same place and same exact download) to again d/l & install KPM 8 for which I have the same issue which renders KPM useless to me ATM. My question is: Can I have misconfigured or otherwise screwedup(technical word) KPM working by either downloading from the wrong place, uninstalling and downloading another copy or when it asked for a (password-key(can't quite remember what it asked for, I think it was a password)) could inputting the wrong one be causing the program to trip? Thank you very much, Mumford68
  11. Hi biggdog, I don't think boobycooper was calling you FF26 but rather referring to Firefox (sometimes abbreviated as FF) and the version being used. I also think that he is question marking version 26 of Firefox as it is a bit older and from what I can gather from his reply is that for Kaspersky Password Manager the supported Firefox versions are versions 31 and more recent. If I am wrong in my interpretation I'm sure someone will correct me eventually. As for the original question I have very little experience with Kaspersky products and am having my own issues with KPM . The only thing I would be able to suggest would be to update to a much more recent version of Firefox unless 26 was a typo and it was meant to read as 36 (I don't know if version FF36 was out in February). I hope these issues have one way or another been resolved for you since February. Take care.
  12. Hello tarsier, I don't know about another thread as I am late getting into these threads as I am new to Kas. I don't think I am interrupting though since there doesn't seem to be any activity since the 2nd. I noticed you said that there is no available Firefox Plug-in for Safe Money KAV. I think that the Plug-in 'Online Banking KAV' is the same as the Extensions 'Safe Money KAV'. What threw me off was the different name for the plug-in unless I am mistaken for which I'm sure I'll be corrected. Currently using FF 37.0.1. Take care.
  13. Hello, I know when issues arise sometimes it can seem like a person is having an isolated issue. I'm new to Kaspersky but I believe I'm having close to the same issue. KTP-Multi-device installed a few days ago and KPM put up a box that says "server connection failed". As far as I can tell internet/firewall/ports are acting as they should as I can click on links, download and surf the net other than other KTP features showing issues things seem 'normal' with windows and such. Just wanted to mention that you are not alone in your current predicament.
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