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  1. We are using Kaspersky Security Center 10.1.249 The problem component is under the General Protection Settings -> Network Ports -> Unchecking port 443 The way I found out that this was the component causing the issues was by disabling each component one by one and then after unchecking the port 443 from being monitored in the policy settings, all of sudden Outlook connected via Exchange immediately.
  2. This morning when I came into work, every user's email client (Outlook) would not connect to our Office365 email being Exchange. After troubleshoot all day, I found the solution to be un-checking the monitoring of port 443 in KSC10. Our KES versions are So Kaspersky, whatever updates you released from late last night until the early morning that had to do with the monitoring of port 443, it caused everyone's Outlook to not work so I had to disable that monitoring of port 443 in our KSC policy.
  3. omaudio- Thanks for posting this information from Kaspersky. It is great to hear ANY kind of feedback regarding this issue seeing as Kaspersky hasn't been involved in any of these forum posts that were opened today due to this problem. I can't believe that Kaspersky is not responding to any of these forums. That is horrible. One more reason why we will be switching to a different anti-virus vendor after the contract is done.
  4. Our business of mixed XP PC's and Window 7 PC's has been having this problem since noon today. After troubleshooting any other sort of problem, I finally disabled the "web anti-virus" and then all of a sudden all of our XP user's were back and running. Not only did it prevent our XP user's from accessing certain websites, but e-mail was not working either. All of the Windows 7 user's were fine this whole time. Before leaving work tonight, I set the web anti-virus to the "low" setting instead of the "recommended settings" that it has been on for 2+ years now and everything was still working fine. What a waste of a couple hours trying to get this situated. Thanks alot Kaspersky!
  5. I have had this problem(unprocessed objects) for over 6 months now. I read this post 2 weeks ago and decided to try it(downloading and installing PATCH H) on the PC that is throwing this false error. I installed it on August 22, 2012 in the A.M. and so far the PC in the KSC9 is green and has NOT reverted back to "Unprocessed Objects". Just so everyone knows what I tried previously to installing the patch, here it is: - I uninstalled Network Agent version 9.2.69 on client computer and then re-installed it with no success. - I uninstalled Network Agent version 9.2.69 on client computer AGAIN, but this time I ALSO un-installed KES on client PC, too. Then I used to Kaspersky Clean Wipe tool to make sure everything was gone. Then I downloaded the KES Agent 9.2.69 all-in-one package and installed it on the PC all again. It came up with "Unprocessed Objects" immediately, so this didn't work either. Basic Information about this PC: -Windows XP Professional 32-bit -HP Compaq DX2450 Microtower -Kaspersky Endpoint Security with Patch A -Kaspersky Security Center 9 9.2.69 with Patch A I also had this issue on another PC which was actually a Dell laptop with Windows 7 32-bit but the user's profile was really damaged so I decided to wipe it out and re-install to start fresh again and after re-installing, it never did say "Unprocessed Objects" which is wierd. Another thing to mention is that both of these user's have gotten similar "threats" in the past having to do with web site link threats and stuff to that nature.
  6. Every single time any of our user's get a false positive, I send it immediately to this link: Send Request to Phishing and Web Content Analysis Lab Then there are 3 tabs in which I click on the tab that says: "Parental/Web Control" since they are pornography false positives.
  7. I forgot to mention that this was the issue that I had with my PC's, not MAC. I have no clue about the MAC as we only have PC's so it could possibly be something else but I would try the network agent install first.
  8. Yes, you need the network agent installed in order for KSC9 to see the AV. I learned this the hard way, which is why I know. Network agent is basically the communicator that tells KSC9 everything about KES8, and tells KES8 everything that KSC9 wants it to know like for instance policies.
  9. I am sorry as I totally misread your post. I don't think there is a way as I was wondering that also a couple of months back and tried to look into it with no success. I think the only fields that are available are the pre-set ones by Kaspersky obviously in the drop down box. I don't know if they don't include other fields like the "description" field because maybe it is irrelevant to that specific report? Who knows...but yeah it would be nice to customize it. Maybe you can..???
  10. Hi duffeh, I just had this problem last week. It kept giving me that Could Not Create Temporary File almost immediately when trying to upgrade from KES to KES when deploying it out. One thing I noticed at least for me is that this error was occurring on PC's that are pretty slow and by slow I mean they have about 512MB of memory. I ended all processes and/or programs running and tried to deploy it again and it worked finally on the 5th try. I don't know if it had anything to do with those programs running or if it was just luck but maybe this will help you if you are still having this issue...? Keep trying to push it out if anything and make sure that you are logged in as local administrator on the PC that you are trying to install this on.
  11. This is very easy to do and you can customize it to be very detailed. On the report "Protection Status" under the "Reports and Notifications" section, right click the "protection status" and go to "Properties". Click on the NETBIOS name column in the part of the report where you want to delete it, and click the red "X" on the toppish right hand corner.
  12. Improvements on KSC9 in my point of view would be the following: - In the Windows Updates portion where you can see updates and install them, etc., make it more searchable. By this I mean: We have many production PC's in our network that I do NOT want updated with Windows Updates. I want to be able to search for Windows Updates by computer name. I want to be able to delete certain Windows Updates on that list that I will never install and get it off of that list. The list right now for the Windows Updates are not accurate. There are updates that I installed months and months ago that are still saying NOT INSTALLED for the specific user but it is. I even search for Windows Updates on the user computer, then go to KSC9 and force a sync and it is still listed. Also when I do want to install an update, when you right click on the update and hit install update, I would like a menu to come up giving you a choice of groups, computers, just like when you create a task and specify the certain people. This would help me a lot since we do not have any type of Windows Updates solution. - When a virus/trojan/etc. is detected in an email and I receive an email notification about it, I want it to have more information. Like what the subject is, the exact file location and name, who it is from. When we had Kaspersky MP4 6.0, our email were very detailed and when we switched to KES8, they were very uninformative even with configuring it. - The ability to disable ALL protection for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. something like this. Sometimes I need to verify that Kaspersky is NOT causing a certain issue and the only way to do this is exit out of it completely. - For email notifications being sent on an event, there needs to be an option in the KSC9 modify notifications to be able to list as many emails you want this sent to. That's how it was in MP4 and I cannot have it sent to a shared folder or 1 email. I need this sent to multiple people and you can only specify ONE email address now and it really sucks. - Device Control - Make the devices more name friendly in the "devices connected" or actually anywhere. - When any kind of web control action happens on a user computer and the Kaspersky box pops up letting them know it was blocked and all, there should be a way right in the "blocked" pop up where you can send as a false positive. For example, we have a pornography rule with data type and data and there are so many false positives when it comes to this. We have had pictures of flowers being named pornography. This actually would be better if it was improved in the detection ability all together. - In my workstation group in KSC9 under my managed computer's list where all my PC's are listed, 5 of them say "restart required". So I went to 3 of these PC's and restarted them and the next day when I came in I checked KSC9 to see if that disappeared. No It didn't. So I forced a synch and went and restarted them each 2 times. I waited 3 days this time and this message still shows. I then tried to shutdown these PC's 3+ times to see if that would clear the restart message but it did not clear it either. Why won't KSC9 see that I am restarting these PC's? It seems to me like there might be an issue with the network agent not detecting the correct information on a PC. Most of these forum posts have something to do with network agent not working right and most of my issues are coming from things I believe deal with network agent not working. There is more but I cannot think of it right now so I will be adding more most likely soon. Thanks!
  13. I thought I was the only one having this problem but your post here is the same exact issue that I am running into. Tons of false positives everyday saying that they are pornography and when I check the website on a PC with no AV installed, it is a picture of a flower or a guitar or something like that. Something needs to be done about how the content data gets detected. I have the content rule set with pictures, videos, sound files, and executable containing pornography being blocked. Out of all the 100's of "pornography blocked" pop ups I have seen occur, only ONE of them was actually REAL. That is horrible. User's are getting very pissed because they know for a fact that it is a picture of a flower so it is not pornography and when we try to explain to them how this somewhat works, they are now starting to blame us(IT) for the whole issue. I had one user get so mad that he uninstalled his home purchased Kaspersky product and try another AV because of what was happening to him at work. Why are there so many false positives? I have submitted many to Kaspersky's link, but I cannot keep submitting 100's of these because I have way too much to do. There should be a way to submit false positives right in the pop up window of Kaspersky on user's PC's so it can submit the link and all that info right to the parental control email instead of me having to go to a website and fill out this form for EVERY false positive. Not to mention also that Kaspersky has replied back to me with the next set of updates will have the fix for the pornography false positive and days go by and it still gets detected which means it wasn't fixed....... :angry:
  14. I have the same issue too. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed. Why would you "debate" on fixing it with a patch? It is an ISSUE as you can see from everyone reporting it so why wouldn't you make a patch for it? I am in the 300,000's for records on the machine.
  15. I just upgraded to KSC9.2.69 yesterday and I have the SAME exact issues you are having. When you have the interface up while moving your mouse around to do whatever you need to do, it moves around like brokenly and in like slow motion. But the minute you minimize the interface, everything is fine which means it IS a Kaspersky thing and not anything else. Also, when I bring up KSC interface, and am browsing between tabs, features, etc., it takes about 5 seconds for the window interface to become clearly readable after clicking on it. It is like the picture is broken up and then gets back together within that 5 seconds. It is REALLY difficult to explain these issues as you cannot show proof with a screenshot since it is in motion. But YES I have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM and I NEED IT FIXED!!
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