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  1. Sistemim bu şekilde, Intel Pentium Dual Cpu 1.60 Ghz. / 2GB Ram / Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 / 160gb Hdd, acaba kaspersky antivirüs sistemimde çalışırmı, herhangi bir yavaşlama yapar mı?
  2. Hi, My laptop system 1 gb ram and 1.6 ghz dual cpu , ı install 30 day trial kaspersky antivirus 2011 but my laptop is lock and not open, what is kaspersky antivirus 2011 system requirements?
  3. Hi, if ı buy kaspersky 2011 antivirus , can ı use this license with kaspersky antivirus 2009 ? İs it work?
  4. I use kaspersky antivirus 2009, my computer work very slow, when turn off kaspersky computer work very fast and no problem, my system windows xp , 512 mb ram , 1.6 ghz cpu. Why happen this, what can ı do?
  5. Yes I wonder this version? I use Avast home version last 1 year, Kaspersky 2010 better than avast? Tell me, why ı choose kaspersky?
  6. I use Kav the latest version, ı buy 1 year license 2 month ago, if ı want upgrade Kis, is it possible, how much ı pay ?
  7. I havent any credit card, I want to buy online, if ı buy kaspersky with my friend credit card, is it possible , from here --> http://www.kaspersky.com/homeuser
  8. I use Comodo firewall v3.9 , hips not working (disable) , ı cant see block or not because my computer is lock and not open, when ı use kav 2009 add trusted list, what is comodo install mode?
  9. First I uninstall kav 2009 (save application data and license) and install Kav 2010.
  10. My security programs, I use Kav 2009 and Comodo firewall, 2 security program works fine, but when ı install Kav 2010, my computer is locked and everything is stop, why?
  11. But my hard disk continuous work every time and no stop, is it normal? I install 1 hour ago kav 2010.
  12. How can ı disable Kav 2010 scan startup object? and second question, What is this, this scan is continuous every time and slow my computer, how can ı stop this?
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