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  1. Can someone please suggest the correct settings, and where to make them so I can install security updates to my Windows XP Pro box? When I get to the screen saying "Keep your computer up to date Check to see if you need updates for Windows, your hardware or your devices." and press either the 'Custom' or 'Express' button I get an error saying it cannot install it. If I disable Kaspersky firewall, the Windows Update works fine. I would rather not disable the firewall as I am sure you understand.
  2. When this thing is doing a system scan it keeps coming up with really ~~Sniped~~ annoying pop ups telling me such and such a file is password protected. All I can do with it is close the dialogue box. So what is the freaking point? (Hey LOOK AT ME! now close me cause I just wanted YOU TO LOOK AT ME even though I don't allow you to do anything.) Tell me about it at the end of the scan if I can't do anything about it during the scan. It is really pissing me off it is so annoying. If there is a way to get it to stop this please someone, tell me. Edit: Don't use the f-word.
  3. Hi, I finally realized I had to tell the scanner to look in mail archives. It immediately found an email worm in an old archive that I need to keep (too bad the antivirus I was using then... trend micro... didn't pick it up). detected: virus Email-Worm.Win32.Tanatos.b File: F:\BillDocsBak\Thunderbird\OldMail\bill//[From "urbanbluesexpress" ... [Date Date header was inserted by l-daemon]/UNNAMED//Schedule.xls.scr I told Kasperky to 'Disinfect' it. It tried and then said, "File contains Virus 'Email-Worm.Win32.Tanatos.b' and cannot be disinfected: write is not supported. Delete archive..." I really, really don't want to delete the archive(I do refere back to old emails now and then). I do want it to clean out the part of the archive that KIS found the virus in. I don't know why it is saying write is not supported, the file is not marked read only. Can someone please help with this. Thanks, BillR
  4. I have Paint Shop Pro 7 and have associated jpg files with it. When I double click on a jpg in windows explorer (or on the desktop, etc.) PSP7 opens but does not open and display the jpg image. It displays its own version of a browser but it should open the jpg image. Before I put on KIS 6, if I double clicked any image associated with PSP, the app would open and the image would display. I reinstalled PSP and it didn't help. Can you provide any suggestions?
  5. That worked. Thanks. I like pipelining and it seemed to work before. Is this a Kasperksy issue?
  6. Hi, I am seeing many web pages loading slowly or not completely loading (e.g. the loading progress bar in the status bar on Firefox never finishes). Sometimes the page doesn't even seem to finish loading. Occasionally it means I can't read the page, and sometimes (usually) there is enough loaded that I can read what I need, but not always. :-/ I can see it is the images causing me grief as on a lot of those pages if I wait long enough, the images load and the progress bar completes. Is there a way to see what KIS is scanning when the page loads? Can you suggest anything to correct this? Nice product by the way. I am previewing it, and will 99.9% pay up (0.1% get another product ;-) before the month is up. I like how configurable it is. However, the logging is lacking. For example, if something is blocked, it just tells me something was blocked... I would like to see what it was in the log (events) tab/screen to make it easier to fix or research. e.g. instead of 'something was blocked when explorer.exe tried to load it', it would be nice to see 'wxyz.dll was blocked when explorer.exe tried to load it'. Happy Thursday, BillR
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