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  1. names of a device in my kaspersky is not recognised by me. It shows Password Manager as being installed but not Total Security. The laptop that I am currently using has both Password Manager and Total Security installed but does not appear in my kaspersky. Any ideas?
  2. I appear to have two 730 day licenses for three devices. One license is in use with 266 days remaining and the other is showing "Application not activated". They have differing license numbers. Any advice please.
  3. KTS 2016 installed and KPM search now working correctly. Many thanks.
  4. As requested: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4c6636a54641166
  5. When using the search facility within KPM, it freezes after entering the first search character and then, after several minutes, KPM crashes.
  6. Sorry, typo error on my part! The version I now have is version and was auto downloaded from Kaspersky by auto update facility.
  7. Version functioned well for me with no issues of concern. Just upgraded to version and some passwords no longer work correctly. I have been locked out of several financial sites as a result of incorrect information being entered in the sites password field despite the correct password being held in Password Manager!
  8. I now have this problem after upgrading to the recent release. Also, some of my daily applications no longer open!
  9. Are there any installation instructions for the new KTS release? Do we just download and run on top of current version?
  10. You are not alone though you are fortunate in getting a key icon in your browser as some of us don't even get that! I have returned to Pure 3 as currently, in my opinion, the password manager associated with KTS is not fit for purpose!
  11. Couldn't agree more! I have also returned to Pure 3. Having spent days trying to get KPM to function as expected I raised a support request and received a very poor response giving me details on how to get the Password Manager to work within Pure 2/Pure 3! After much frustration I read in the KPM "Help" files that the very functionality that we seek is currently ONLY available within the Chrome browser which I don't use! I give up!
  12. Kaspersky usually say "when it's ready" so with Egor Kurnev saying 21st May is a little strange. Maybe the year was omitted deliberately!
  13. Can Kaspersky give a statement of intent regarding support to Firefox? Many users complain about the lack of progress and/or ask for support but the only thing that appears to happen is that the query is merged to the same Firefox thread and rarely, if all, answered! Users are now faced with choice of either ditching Firefox and using another browser or ditching Pure and finding a better Firefox supported alternative. I, personally, would prefer to remain with Pure but my patience for a response is being seriously tested!
  14. Uninstalled reboot re-install reboot fixed!
  15. Some two hours later, all logins became active without any user intervention! Accessing Program Manager through the Pure 3.0 console is however not possible! Although PM has been started at system startup, it is not showing as started in the PM console and "add account", "add identity data", "passwords and data" and "settings" are all greyed out. Clicking "Start Password Manager" has no effect. I now have the following on screen:
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