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  1. Thank you for the response. Actually I already did it, 3x but to no avail. I brought my personal laptop to the office and had our office IT install it for the 4th time, but even he cant use the KIS 2013 Free Activation..same error splashed on my laptop. Guess the so called FREE is NOT FREE after all. Our IT already contacted our supplier regarding this, and they said, its the 1st time someone complained about the free activation code. Anyway its free afterall, guess I have no right no complain if it isn't working......
  2. Thank you for a very fast response. Sorry for posting my activation code. can you please delete my second post, I think I double posted my topic. thanks After checking the installation cd and the Quick Start Guide where the activation code for KIS 2013 (for 3 PC's) was placed, I had double check the second code-it was clearly stated KIS 2013 (For 1 PC)-"FREE"
  3. "Good morning. Our office had bought KIS 2013 (KIS 2013 For 3PCs) with a FREE KIS 2013 For 1PC. Our office IT had already installed it to 2 office PC"s, and had given me the FREE Activation Code to be used in my personal laptop, so I installed it last night, however after entering the activation code an ACTIVATION ERROR splashed to my laptop screen saying " The license does not apply to this application". How was this possible?Our local vendor told us this was legit and free and can be used anytime. This is the activation code, please kindly check : . For the moment, I had removed KIS 2013 from my personal laptop and reported this issue to our office IT. I will be waiting for your prompt response. Thank you" Sorry for disturbing the forum. I had already opened this request to Kaspersky Lab Technical Support for almost 2 days and the response was only this..... "Dear Mrs/Mr: In this case, please contact your local sales or verification departments, thanks! Philippines Link: http://www.kasperskyasia.com/buyoffline?cr...lect=+OK+" another link? I cant believe Kaspersky Support answering my complaint like this. Maybe I got the response because I was only using a FREE Activation Code? I had posted here in the forum expecting from any MODERATOR to kindly assist me..not another link please.... Thank you.
  4. thank you whizard for the reply, but what do you mean by this does it mean it is a FAKE vendor? sorry if I misunderstood what you say. hoping for a clarification. thank you
  5. May 20, 2008 good day to all! I just want to ask if this website is indeed an accredited website from kaspersky for me to buy a valid license. (for the moderators: if this is the wrong section to post,kindly move it to the proper forum) thank you.
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