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  1. Hopefully this is what you're looking for. My Kaspersky doesn't have "detected treats" under detailed report so I went under the tabs for Application and found "path" and "name".
  2. I checked for you and yes it has. "Do not delete suspicious objects" underneath has also been enabled. ((Sorry for the wait, by the way))
  3. I'm more than positive that, at this point, as you said, these are safe files. Nothing damaging has happened to my computer and from the little that is out about these files no one has reported any damages in the months they've had them. As for my settings they must be interactive because I have a button that says "Restore" in regards to restoring default settings.
  4. Sorry for the double post but I just wanted to add that when I turned my computer off and restarted it HP did some kind of "BIOS update". It appears it was just updating the "motherboard" on my computer. Are the two questionable programs a part of a new system HP is implimenting in it's computers maybe? I did get a couple of programs installed with the ones above that said something about installing HP Systems Diagnosis (and BIOS) UEFI. I'm starting to think these two programs have more to do with HP BIOS updating itself than viruses. I hope I'm right.
  5. Hi there, My computer recently decided to (without concent) remove and upload new programs onto my computer. A lot of them are safe (categorized as "signed by the digital signature of entrusted manufacturers") but two of them show up as "high value of threat rating calculated heuristically". These two progams are called "HPBUADVANCED.MSI" anad "SYSDIAGSADVANCED.MSI". When I looked them up there was little to no information on them. The only information I did get was that they've been reported a few times over the last half year, but haven't seemed to cause any damage to computers. This information came from a site called "Is This File Safe?". I'm curious to know whether or not anyone else has gotten these programs downloaded into their computer and what the effects are. Should I consider them safe because they were uploaded with other programs that were "known on the database of the known software" and "signed by the digital signature of entrusted manufacturers"? Kaspersky itself did not send me a pop up giving me any type of warning about these programs but I found it strange that it would just decide to uninstall and install programs without asking the user for consent first.
  6. That's fantastic news, rich. Thank you so much for your help!
  7. Are you getting things like googleads.g.doubleclick etc? Check the URLs of these "malicious urls". If they've got google in it (most do) then it could be (as some have suggested) that there's an issue with Kaspersky and Goggle AdSense. I'm FAR from an expert (I just noticed and asked about it today myself) but it doesn't seem likely that sites that have worked fine in the past (like Youtube) all of a sudden are carrying dozens of malicious threats/viruses/malware, etc. Like many people I've reported it to Kaspersky so hopefully they'll notice the problem and fix it quickly.
  8. First off, I sent the information to Kaspersky. (Thanks for the link!) Secondly, I don't have Google Chrome (as far as I know). As P.V. said it might just be Google AdSense over all. In any case I informed Kaspersky of the problem. Hopefully they'll have received a lot of notices about this and fix it soon. That explains the ads stuff...but not the Hoax.FakeAntivirus. That is still a mystery to me...I'm thankful, at least, that it didn't infect my computer. Kaspersky says it both detected and denied it. ((I'm just glad I'm not the only one going through this! It really freaked me out!))
  9. Could it possibly be that there's just a mass virus attack on the computer right now? But if this is the case then why are certain websites being attacked and some not? A site like Youtube I can understand being a target but if Youtube is being targeted then why isn't Google? Google seems to work just fine. The Canadian Broadcasting Company's website is also fine - no viruses have been detected there...and yet a small website like the radio station's has a virus. Maybe my assumption is right and it's in the ads they're putting up.
  10. Today has been out of the ordinary. While surfing around GaiaOnline I clicked on a thread and all of a sudden Kaspersky blocked me saying there was a malware there. I found this incredibly strange since I've been visiting this site for over a year with Kaspersky and never once had a problem. But then it got worse... I visited the website of a radio station I listen to. I regularily check out this website and have never had a problem with it. All of a sudden I get four "suspicious" attacks all in a row. THEN I visit Youtube, which I do nearly every day, and for the first time recieved an attack (presumably an ad) from that site as well. Luckily Kaspersky "denied" all these attacks and my main Kaspersky screen is still green (though for one reason or another the five assumed ad attacks aren't showing up in my general report - only the detailed one). What on earth is going on!? These sites that I've been visiting for more than a year now which Kaspersky labelled safe are all of a sudden covered in malware and viruses! Note (for the attached files): 1. The "Hoax.Anti-virus" came from Gaia. That's the malware that tried to attack my computer. 2. The first four of the "web anti-virus" (pubads) came from the radio station website (kiss 92.5) and the bottom one (googleads) came from Youtube's main page. Has Kaspersky done something new to its system so it attacks any virus that might be in an ad? This whole thing made me rather nervous because I'm used to being on these sites daily and not having a single problem. This is the first time I've ever received threats from any of these webpages. Thank you for your help in advance! Holly copy_of_log2.txt detailed_log.txt
  11. ((My apologies for the triple post but I can't find the edit button)) Anyway the MSN icon is now gone. The second time I clicked the cancel button on it, it disappeared and has not returned - hopefully it stays that way. I'm still curious about the first issue and the third however. I'm wondering if maybe the HP support shows up because I disconnect from the internet after I'm done on the computer. If my computer had to do an update that required the internet would it automatically call up HP support? I'm just asking these questions because I want to be sure. Thanks!
  12. Sorry, for some reason the first picture (with the MSN icon didn't show up) Here it is:
  13. Hey guys, This forum was helpful last time so I thought I'd use it again. Here's my issue: I'm concerned someone might be "hacking" into my computer. Everyone once in awhile I'll get a pop up from HP Support saying something a long the lines of "HP Support can only be used by one person at a time" and that only the original computer user can access it. But the issue is...I didn't click HP Support. Why on earth is it coming up? Is the computer calling it up on its own? In addition to that, today I started getting the MSN icon on my computer. I don't use MSN. I assumed it might have been because I opened my mom's MSN on my computer and she DOES have MSN set up to go on when she logs onto her e-mail. Figuring this I simply closed the MSN icon and took it off the tool bar...but it came back! I have a screenshot of it below. I'm also doing a full computer scan on Kaspersky right now. However, I did take a screenshot of my detailed reports for today and everything SEEMS fine. It should be noted that I AM using a default internet - hopefully I can get a secured one up soon. That being said if someone was trying to hack into my computer or likewise wouldn't Kaspersky notify me?
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