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  1. From the support UpdateUtility-Console.exe -u -c updater.ini < no.txt the file no.txt contains only the letter n it works. Unfortunately it is not possible to check whether data will really be transferred.
  2. It is a bug in the versions KIS2019 / KFA2018 / KFA2019. These can not communicate with a KUU on a server 2012R2.
  3. How do I get Kaspersky Update Utility running on Ubuntu 18.04? When I start the file "./uu-console.sh -u", the error "file not found" is displayed.
  4. Hallo zusammen, ich betreibe das KUU3 auf meinem Server. Bisher gab es keine Probleme mit KIS2018, 2017, 2016... Nur KIS2019 zeigt einen Netzwerkfehler, wenn es ein Update startet. Einzig der Kaspersky Lab Server lässt sich für Updates benutzen. Das Problem habe ich auf 2 verschiedenen Systemen (Notebook und VM) Ist das Problem bekannt, bzw. gibt es Abhilfe? Vom Support bekomm ich immer nur Standard-Mails wegen Systemrepots, aber wozu will er die immer?
  5. Sure, it's also about Kaspersky Update Utility 3.0 in conjunction with KIS2019
  6. I run Kaspersky Update Utility on \\192.168.x.x\KIS_Update. In KIS 2018 I use \\192.168.x.x\KIS_Update\Updates\ as update source and it works. But KIS2019 fails to connect. Only Kaspersky Lab update servers work.
  7. Hi, please add DNSCLN in the file "Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Update\Bases\updater.xml" under <component> tag: old: <component>ADB;APD;APU;ARK;BB;BLST2;CORE;DNT;EMU;HIPS2;IA;IDS;KAV17;KISCFG;KDB;KFPE;KSN;MPM;OSSL;PARCTL;PAS5;QSCAN;SCO;SI;SSA;SUPD;SW2;TAM;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;VLNS;WA;WMUF</component> new: <component>ADB;APD;APU;ARK;BB;BLST2;CORE;DNT;EMU;HIPS2;IA;IDS;KAV17;KISCFG;KDB;KFPE;KSN;MPM;OSSL;PARCTL;PAS5;QSCAN;SCO;SI;SSA;SUPD;SW2;TAM;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;VLNS;WA;WMUF;DNSCLN</component> This only works once, because Kaspersky Update Utility loads the updater.xml file from the server on every update. But the database updates of the clients run again without error. Let's hope that Kaspersky updates the update utility again.
  8. Hi, I have installed KFA 2018 on a Windows 7 VM. Access is via VNC. I can click the tray icon. But no operation is possible. The KFA window can not be operated either! About RDP it works without problems. Is there a way to use KFA also via VNC?
  9. You only have to add KISCFG and SI under <component>. Is not really difficult. The files rarely change.
  10. temporary fix: edit Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Update\Bases\updater.xml <element> <name>KasperskyAntiVirus_16_0_1</name> <version></version> <component>ADBU;APD;APU;ARK;BB;BLST2;CORE;DNT;EMU;HIPS2;IA;IDS;KAV16;KDB;KFPE;KSN;OSSL; PARCTL;PAS5;QSCAN;SCO;SSA;SUPD;SW2;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;VLNS;WA;WMUF</component> <tree>index/u1313g.xml</tree> <App>KAV</App> <Arch>i386</Arch> <SysArch>i386;x64</SysArch> </element> and replace with <component>ADBU;APD;APU;ARK;BB;BLST2;CORE;DNT;EMU;HIPS2;IA;IDS;KAV16;KISCFG;KDB;KFPE;KS N;OSSL;PARCTL;PAS5;QSCAN;SCO;SI;SSA;SUPD;SW2;UDS;UPDATER;VKC;VLNS;WA;WMUF</component> The next update will download the missing files Unfortunately updater.xml is overwritten again. But the files remain on the local server and the clients (KIS2016) can download their signatures again without errors. mfg Thomas
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