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  1. Hi again, I got the most recent Admin Kit as per your suggestion, and installed it. Now, oddly, it shows all installations of KAV running properly, except for one. That one is on the local system (the one running Admin Kit) and on it, I cannot start KAV. I have tried launching from the icon on the tray, from Start | Prgrams, and from the Admin Kit, but it will not launch. Interestingly, there are no error messages, just no start of the program. Might you suggest a next step? Thanks again, Kenneth
  2. Hello again, To install, and set up all of my systems, I followed the excellent guidance of Mike Magie of Ice Systems. He walked (maybe ran <g>) me through everything. In truth, I have not the slightest idea if I have the backup you describe. I might. What would I look for to know? Sincere thanks, again, Kenneth
  3. Howdy, I had to revert to a default Windows 2000 Registry hive... (Don't ask...) Aftger doing that, my system ran again, but I soon received notification that my KAV Services could not start. I run KAV Administrator Kit on this machine and it serves 5 other systems. How can I "repair" my installation so that the appropriate services are available? Very sincere thanks, Kenneth
  4. Hello again to all, With the availibility of a successful technique for the exclusion of the PST files, we decided to purchase KAV for the six systems in our small office. We got the Admion Kit, and with the highly skilled guidance of Mike Magie of Ice Systems, all six were installed in a few minutes. We ae extremely pleased with the result, and express our thanks to all. Take care, Kenneth
  5. Hello all, Well, it appears that we may have a partial success: PST files can be excluded by going to Settings | Additional Settings | Troubleshooting. There, check "Disable scanning of email for the Scan My Computer task." As you may recall, I had tried a variety of exclusion methods with no success, but this one works. My thanks to Igor Kurzin for this method... All the best, Kenneth
  6. Hello again, I will add that the good folks in Support have asked that I provide them another (that is from V 5.0.225) tracer log and I have sent that off to them today. Of course, I look forward to their response as this has stalled the AV changes that we hoped to make in our office. I will, of course, post here when we have some progress. All the best, and many thanks to all, Kenneth
  7. Hi All, I just received a note from Igor suggesting that I try (1) to exclude all mail files and (2) to try the scan in Safe Mode. (1) is the default, and does not work. That is, nothing is excluded as far as I can tell. (2) in Safe Mode I launched the scan, asnd it hangs as before: No error, but no progress. It hangs at a particular message in one of my PST files. So, at least on my system, we have made no progress. All the best, Kenneth
  8. Hi Don (and all), You're gonna love this...! I got the key from Igor, and then attempted to run a full scan. It stopped working at 10% with no error displayed. Task Manager showed KAV as Not Responding. So, no joy... yet... All the best, Kenneth
  9. Hi Don, You are most kind... I just received a key from Igor, and will soon know if everything is happy on my system. Sincere thanks, as before, Kenneth
  10. Hi again, I should have added... Currently, I have V 5.0.225 installed but it will not run because I have no valid Trial Key. Thanks, Kenneth
  11. Hi Don, I thank you for the update information, but... I was running the trial version. When I went to the link you provided and downloaded, the software would not run because I did not have a valid key. I then went back and requested a new trial download (under a different name), but when I received the email with the download links, the links were dead. I opened the source, cut out the relevant information, and was able to run the download... But, when I attempted to install, I got an error that I already had installed a "newer version." Whew... What would you suggest? Sincere thanks, Kenneth
  12. Howdy, I am the OP... A number of people are working on it, but so far... no. Of course, we will post it here if someone comes up with a solution. All the best, Kenneth
  13. Hi Elliot, I thank you for your comment... Now, we just have to figure out how to exclude 'em. All the best, Kenneth
  14. Hi Mike, I run Win 2000 Pro and the (precise) path you mention does not exist on my system. That said, I have searched my system for *.PST and it comes up with the 8 PST files that I listed to be excluded. I then searched for folders named Outlook, opened each, and simply looked for PST file. There are none. To the best of my knowledge, the only PST files on this system are the eight in a folder called C:\Mailfiles. Thanks for any further help, Kenneth
  15. Hello all, Earlier in this thread I have mentioned that I would try excluding PST files (of which I have a bunch) with C:\fullpath\*.PST but, in fact, did the exclusions by listing each file with the full path by clicking on the file (Please see screenshot attached here). That also failed with the unhandled exception error. Let's suppose (as per Elliot's comment) that we do come up with a way to exclude the PST files from the scan. Would that be an appropriate (long term) solution? That is, would I not want to scan those PST files periodically? Sincere thanks to all, Kenneth
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