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  1. Hi I live in india and for somereason, i have to Downlaod and do all Product updates Manually, for eg, Version 11.0.1 to 11.0.2 The Latest version available for download in The Indian website is still 11.0.2 Can`t any Kaspersky employee take a look at the issue and see why their is a huge difference between the Global and Indian websiteb :dash1: Its not as If the License Don`t work with the product update from global website everything works fine all i wish to know is why is the Version the Kaspersky.co.in so outdated Also Can anybody comment on Kaspersky Internet security 2012 Resource Usage, is it better to wait for some more time and download version 2012 or the current version is stable enough?
  2. Hi I am currently running Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Version I wished to know If I can Upgrade to the latest version and if my exisiting key would work..
  3. hi Can anybody give me the link to page which has Virus inforamtion/threat Write ups??
  4. Hi thanks For such a quick response I have not yet open the usb drive folder. I have run a custom scan with allsettings set to high It comes back clean. Also as I asked will using a vaccination tool prevent such problems
  5. Hi I recnetly had some picture work(Resize my Photo) Hence Went to a store with pen/Thumb drive. Connected copied photo uploaded job done but now Wehen I plugged in the pendrive today. Kaspersky was set to run a quick scan of it. Detected 202 Threats mainly Trojan.Win32.Starter.yy and another one Is their any page where I can get details about these threats I Imagine that the threat has not breached to my PC. A Google Search Suiggested its Ramnit :dash1: :icon20: :angry: My question is can I Open the Pendrive? Ramnit Threat is a single file which infects .exe and .html files So,Is the mother file/Infector Gone? From the Pen Drive Anyway I can Confirm my Pc is safe and threat Free? I have a run a scan with Malware bytes(Free) and Hitman Pro for confirmation They suggest PC is Clean. I Was planning to use the drive as a Rescue Disk so, will Vaccinating it Cause Problems? Does Kaspersky have a Vaccination tool?? More Importantly will Vaccination Prevet Such Threats which copy themselves to Pen/thumb Drives? Have Also Attached Report edit: scattered bold = Off to facilitate readability. Threats.txt
  6. Hi Kaspersky suites does have a Parental Control Click on User(=Your sons Windows account name) you will be prompted for password after entering their are options on left corner of the application Rabging From social networks to Word usage Check out the setting and post back if you have any issues
  7. Hi try this It may solve your issue Click the Start button, and then click All Programs > Accessories > Run. (=or press Windows key + R ) In the Run dialog box, type the following text: regsvr32 /u WMIUTILS.DLL Click OK. Restart the computer. Click the Start button, and then click All Programs > Accessories > Run. In the Run dialog box, type the following text: regsvr32 WMIUTILS.DLL Click OK. Restart the computer. Registering and unregistering the dll sometimes does the Job
  8. Extremely strange :ai: http://www.kaspersky.com/kis_latest_versions http://www.kaspersky.co.in/kis_latest_versions The Latest Version differ between these sites. So,Waht do I do ? I guess the versions vary between regions! Stick with this or upgrade? :post-7989-1194626071: Any suggestions :aa:
  9. Thanks but should i not recieve it via upgrade??? Sorry but just not sure why KIS won`t automatically do it! :dash1: is their something wrong with the cd installer also is their any way i can save the update files of current kaspersky? My internet is slow Max.speed of 32Kbps will take more than an hour to download another hour to update :ak:
  10. Hi Thanks,I have enabld Gaming mode but I had a doubt if it have to be enabled/disabled everytime, The info given suggests kaspersky automatically stops activity when a full screen activity is detected, Love to get a confirmation
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