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  1. They've all gone!!!! Hopefully I won't bother you again for a while. Cheers Paul
  2. Followed all instructions and Kaspersky reinstalled and updated okay. Even though I cleared the temp folders folder there are still some AVG files in Windows\temp. Screenshot attached. Hopefully they're not doing any harm. Thanks to you and Rudger79 for all your advice and patience. Paul
  3. Looked in c:/windows/temp as instructed. No file of that name there. A few AVG files sitting there but not one {3B61FACA-107F-4E58-BF7C-2305CE59DB80}.exe. Why would that be? Thanks
  4. Hi, Windows firewall turned off, Kaspersky uninstalled. AVZ file attached. Further instructions awaited. Thanks, Paul KL_syscure.zip
  5. Hi, I've printed off the AVZ instructions and downloaded the AVZ. On the Kaspersky website it says to turn off Windows firewall before running it but it doesn't say that on the instructions. Do I turn it off? Before I run the AVZ, how serious is this? Is it just that AVG is in the background and isn't causing any problem as when I just downloaded WinZip it asked me to install AVG. I said no. All my scans don't reveal anything. I'll run the disc check straight away. Apologies for the questions but I'm a novice at this and don't like messing even with expert instructions. Thanks, Paul
  6. Sorry, scan took a long time to run. Deleted all temp files apart from 3 that I skipped. Didn't run the AVG un-intstaller from the link as it says it would require restarts from the local drive and I didn't know how to do that. Ran it through Uninstall instead. Uninstalled Kaspersky and ran the system info as advised. Please can you check I'm okay to try the clean install now. Thanks, Paul http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e8fdd8604afd855
  7. There were 424 files and folders in the Temp files folder. I just picked the 3 AVG files and put them in the bin. is that okay as there seemed to be a lot of other files there and I didn't want to delete anything I may need. I've downloaded the AVG remover but can't run it for another 30 min's until the scan has finished. Thanks for your help.
  8. 64 bit operating system. Thanks. Will do that when scan has finished.
  9. That's why it went wrong! Just running a full virus scan so will follow your instructions once that finishes. If I clear the temp files do I still need to run the AVG removal tool? Also how can I tell if I have a 32 or 64 bit system? Sorry to ask so many questions.
  10. I noticed I posted to the wrong section. Sorry about that. I'll get rid of the AVG as you suggest although that hasn't appeared for a while now. Still a bit concerned why the Pure 3 didn't clean install and caused an error. Any ideas? Thanks again for your help. Paul
  11. Update. The original e-mail was deleted. I tried a clean install of Pure 3 after downloading it. I didn't uninstall the existing version but ran the new file from Windows. It seemed to be installing okay but then said the install had failed and that my computer may be infected. It gave me an option to use the Kaspersky Rescue disc or close so I closed it. Kaspersky is still on my PC and still updates okay and the critical areas scan was clean. Have I done something wrong? Thanks, Paul
  12. Thanks for that. If I've got Pure 3 do I need to download Patch E for Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, May be an obvious question but I just want to make sure. My current version is Pure (d). Cheers, Paul
  13. Hi, It looks like it's inactive but the main page still says threat detected. If I just clear it from the reports will that solve it. Thanks for your help. Paul
  14. Hi, I checked my e-mails in Mozilla and Kaspersky detected malware in a spam UPS e-mail. I deleted it and several other e-mails from the mailbox and the trash without opening them. I ran a virus scan afterwards and nothing was found. Kaspersky report on the malware said Detected: Exploit.OLE2.CVE-2010-333.c Not disinfected- Exploit.OLE2.CVE-2010-333.c Kaspersky now says "Your Computer Security is at risk" and the Computer Protection box says "Threats Detected". I tried Fix but nothing happened. The critical areas virus scan still says nothing found. The System Info link is shown below. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...5b0fc5f92ce6f20 Any help appreciated. Thanks, Paul
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