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  1. Every week we are having problems trying to use Access 97 on a Monday morning so to sort the problem we have to right click on the Kaspersky icon and then on to settings. We then click on Quarantine and restore. This solves the problem as a short term fix but I wanted to stop it from happening as much as it does. Any help would be greatly received.
  2. Hi, The version is (mr3) Regards, Mick.
  3. Hi, Got a weird issue that has started recently where the 2 dc's we have in the domain ( on different sites connected by a VPN ) replication stops with 'Unable to contact the RPC server' error. if I temporarily disable Kaspersky for say 2 or 3 minutes replication starts again, its OK for approx 10 hours then it fails again, then we disable / re enable KES it works again. Both DC's are windows Server 2008 R2, Kaspersky is KES 10 As far as I'm aware there's been no update or change to either server when this issue started. Has anyone seen this issue before? are there any specific policy settings for DC's? Everything else seems to be working OK. Thanks, MIck.
  4. Hi, Thanks for this solution it fixed the issue, what exactly will be effected by disabling this? Will it cause performance problems? Regards, Mick.
  5. Hi, We have KAV 6.0.4 for clients using Admin Kit. I had a PC connected and protected with KAV, but there was an issue with the PC and had to uninstall KAV ( using add/remove programs ) But when I try to reinstall KAV through the Admin Kit it says its already installed and doesn't install. Any ideas why and how to install KAV on this PC again? Thanks, Mick.
  6. Hi, I'm sorry if this topic has been raised before, I did a search, but nothing came up. We have Kaspersky Admin Kit and KAV installed on the clients. quite a few clients slow down quite a lot when a full scan is taking place ( I schedule once a week ) Some PC's finish the scan in an hour ( which is acceptable ) but some take 4 - 5 hours, these PC's are often really slow during the scan, some of these PC's are virtually the same spec etc as the ones that take 1 hr. So my question really is, what can I check that might be causing such a difference in scan times? and what might be slowing the PC's down? Any help would be appreciated. Mick.
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