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  1. Another intriguing data point is that subject lines encoded in GB2312 (a Chinese encoding) survive. I'll contact support.
  2. My job requires me to receive messages with non-ASCII contents. When I view message source after filtering by Kaspersky, any UTF-8 in subject lines appear to be changed to ??? and only ASCII characters remain readable. When I view message source directly in the ISP's webmail, I can confirm that the subject line is UTF-8 encoded. Subject: =?UTF-8?B?dGVzdC7Qo9Ca0KA=?= comes out not as " test.УКР ", but as "test.???" only when the message is delivered to the Client system where KAS filters it. Is there any way to change this data-destroying behavior by KAS? (The same contents, if copied into the text of the message, survives unchanged.) Kasperksy and latest Thunderbird on Windows 7.
  3. My job requires me to review XML source code. When the Kaspersky add-on in Firefox is disabled, the source code is formatted so I can read it. With the add-on enabled, only random bits of the XML data are being shown. What's worse, I am also not able to save such file; some information has been permanently removed. I don't really like having to choose all-or-nothing between being able to do my job and getting protection. So, is there something that can be done? Kasperksy and latest firefox.
  4. Disabling script injection got a warning on reduced protection. As expected, it helped with the FB issue (as it's needed for PP, AB and a number of other things, that doesn't surprise me). Disabling checking on secure connections: this one I can't remember. However, after all is said and done, it's clear that disabling Anti-Banner (*and nothing in addition*) fixes my problem. Curiously, excepting www.facebook.com in the AB settings has no effect. Only works if AB is turned off altogether.
  5. Turning the anti-phishing on its own did nothing. (FB hangs gloriously) PP on, AB disabled (and WebAV restored to default) allows FB to run with reasonable speed, although slightly more sluggish than when PP is disabled as well. Will try some of the other settings for completeness.
  6. I tried that earlier; not conclusive, but when I did both and Anti-Banner, FB acts normally. (I don't know how to "clear broswer cache on FF", but I restarted). My understanding is that the script injection is "needed for PP and AB to function properly". If I uncheck that, won't that be equivalent to disabling PP and AB? Checking that now (with PP and AB re-enabled).
  7. You mean the "Head with headset icon". I missed that one (looked like a "live chat" or "talk to someone" icon to me). :dash1:
  8. Thanks. Worked. (It *is* a bit of an unusual location, no other software I have installed makes that information available in that way).
  9. facebook started hanging after latest KTS application update. (FB loads one initial screenful, but then doesn't add stuff at the bottom, nor do menus work) Tried a number of things, only complete global disabling of Privacy Protetcion Anti-Banner seems to make any difference. Setting FB on an exclusion list for PP does not make a difference. PP and AB look like useful features, it's sad to have to disable them completely. FF - latest, on Win7 (latest update)
  10. See Title and topic description. Can't figure out where to look - there's no "help about"
  11. Not fast enough to click. If I can't manage to read it, the time's too short to grab the mouse, move it to the right place and click... Detailed reports: It's called "Reports" now, and nothing in there looks remotely like the message is saw flit by.
  12. The popup messages that come up sometimes contain what looks like useful information, but too much to read it at a glance. Is there a place where they are logged?
  13. I'm running Thunderbird 3.1.9 on XP SP3. Previously I had KIS2010 installed and had things configured so that Tbird's junk filte was active and KIS 2010 stood by. (The Tbird junk filter is my preferred Anti-spam filter. It works well and doesn't muck up the subject line) Problems started when I upgraded to KIS2011 First I removed KIS2010 (preserving settings) and then I installed KIS2011. Immediately, the TBird junk filter stopped working (nothing was moved to the junk folder any more). If I "disable" the anti-spam in KIS-2010 I'm told to "fix" my computer security. That doesn't work, because then I wouldn't get an alert if there was a real security issue. If I just disable the plugin, via the advanced settings, nothing happens, other than that the KIS icon in TBird turns gray. All the TBird dialogs show that junk filtering etc. is fully enabled. What gives? How can I change things so that the TBird junk filter is active, and that KIS 2011 stays out of the way?
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