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  1. Yes thats fine, ive already started upgrading policies and tasks for KES10! Do i need to do something or will you mark it on your end?
  2. Alright time to bite the bullet then - thanks for the prompt replies as always!
  3. Indeed, i was aware of that - if ignoring it somewhat - but some of my clients are still updating. In fact the KSC is still getting the updates. Just some seem to be failling
  4. IVE just realised i posted this on the wrong forum - if someone could please move it to protection for business id appreciate it. Apologies. KSC 10.4.343 Netagent - 10.4.343 AV - 6 MP4 Hi all - been out for a week and have a ton of 'yellows' in my KSC because databases are out of date. Problem is when i run the updater on a client it tells me 'Update is not required' Also odd, only some (well, most) of my clients are failling to update, 170 approx are more than a week out of date out of 280 odd. There does not appear to be a discernable pattern except that perhaps those machines were not connected around the time of 2017-06-02. That date is important as its the date most (again, annoyingly, not all) of the broken clients are reporting as their last database date. Ive tried everything i can think of (short of reinstalling since thats not going to be a practical solution anyway) and i cant get the buggers to update. One thing that looks wrong is the file at http://dnl-02.geo.kaspersky.com/index/u0607g.xml.dif which shows a lot of what looks like dates but missing a digit eg - 3062017 instead of - 13062017 but im really clutching at straws now. Anyone else struggling with this one or have i done something silly?
  5. Well its been about 6 hours and no reboot so id call that fixed! Thanks again Kaspersky staff for fix.
  6. So far so good! Will have more confidence in about 5-6 hours which has been the benchmark so far.
  7. Issue is still ongoing after disabling update application modules but i am still in contact with the excellent support team at Kaspersky and they are being very helpful so im confident of a solution from them as soon as they are able.
  8. I disabled update of application modules and left it overnight but my test machines still required a reboot in the morning. Its possilbe the update policy/task was not yet applied so we will see how it goes today but not looking good so far. Soon enough we will be forced to upgrade anyway and disabling application module update isnt really a permanent fix anyway. Dont know if its relevant but the update name "Application modules" in KSC10 keeps having updates daily but the description is "Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows" which i have no deployments of currently.
  9. I have uploaded files via CompanyAccount Ref - INC000005454439
  10. sent via PM. I should add that this is happening on ~400 workstations both internal and external.
  11. For the past 5 days, every day, i've had multiple updates which then require a reboot. Its this normal - eg, is something getting updated in the software at the moment that requires a reboot constantly? Is there some release notes or somewhere i can cross-reference to see when updates requiring a reboot occur?
  12. Thats definetly done the trick, thanks for your assistence
  13. Alright, heres the test Currently on the admin server, the kaspersky admin kit event log is filling up with Warning events such as #1561 Host 'http://192.168.100.x:15000' is not responding Which i am assuming is the kladminserver attempting to connect to external clients. What i have now done is to create a network agent policy in my group which contains only external clients. This policy has all settings inherited from the base policy - except for the UDP port option which is now turned off. Theoretically, after 30 mins or so when all my clients have recieved the new policy and it has been resolved on both sides, my admin kit should stop trying to connect to these guys! Ill check the event log again in an hour or so and see if we have a resolution.
  14. I could live with that, ive already slightly reduced the 'phone home' time for the policy in the clients. Now, where exactly in the network agent policy do i disable 'server' > 'client' communications. The section for UDP port you alluded to in your post has the following in help Use UDP port If this check box is selected, the connection of the client computer to the Administration Server is established through a UDP port. By default, this check box is selected. so if i was to disable this it simply force clients to phone home via TCP? color me confused
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