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  1. Hi Ivan, Would a computer encrypted using Kaspersky FDE work with Wake On Lan? Kaspersky stores the credentials to pass through FDE in account management so can this work with Wake On Lan? Thanks, Andy
  2. Request logged: INC000009692976. Thanks.
  3. I don't have access to a file sharing resource. I have tried to PM them to you but the limit is 4mb and the GSI logs are 8mb. Do you have an e-mail address I can send them to? Andy
  4. Do you have a secure link/Kaspersky Lab box I can post the files to? Thanks, Andy
  5. In Software Updates the filters are reset every time you re-open KSC. Since upgrading KSC to version 10.5.1781 not only are the filters reset but now also the columns are being reset. When you have a list of 1000+ updates this makes it extremely frustrating given how slow the GUI is to not only have to apply the filters but now having to remove/add/re-position the columns as well. Please advise if there is a way to configure KSC to retain the selected columns and if possible (in this new version) whether filters can also be saved? Regards, Andy
  6. Whilst attempting to install Windows updates via KSC the following error keeps occurring on Windows 10 PC's. "Windows Update Agent error 80246012" KSC: 10.4.343 KES: (mr1.mr2.pf3103) NA: 10.4.343
  7. I have resolved this issue by removing the keys manually from the PC then assigning the correct key via KSC.
  8. Deleting the PC from the Group and then from Unassigned Devices is not removing the licence key from the PC (windows 10 x64). Thanks.
  9. None of my keys are set to be automatically deployed.
  10. There shouldn't be as I always have to apply one manually on fresh installs. Where is the option to set this just so I can confirm? Thanks, Andy
  11. I need to remove a licence key from a specific machine and then apply a different key. I have tried simply running a task to assign the new key but it does not replace the old key. I have tried deleting the PC from KSC but when I re-added it, it would not connect to the KSC. I had to uninstall both the client and the agent from the PC, reinstall them and then I could assign the correct key. I need an easier way to do this as I will not be able to remove the software from an encrypted PC (to assign the new key) without first decrypting the disk. Thanks.
  12. This only seems to be happening on Windows 10. I have logged a support request INC000008902406.
  13. Support have now resolved this. The solution was to uninstall all traces of Kaspersky from the PC and then delete the PC from KSC (including from the Unassigned devices group). Once Kaspersky was re-installed and added into a group the old encryption accounts were no longer shown in account management.
  14. I have logged the support request INC000008856498.
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