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  1. That worked, but what a pain in the ass having to do that on all PC's in that site. Could I just reinstall the network admin from the new slave server? Anyone have any ideas as to how to get the install packages from the repository in my master admin kit to the repository on my slave admin kit?
  2. I have recently installed a slave admin kit on a server in a different city, and have the following issues. Hope someone can help.... I thought that the repositories would synchronize so that the same packages would be available on both servers. Did I miss something? If I have a PC that was deployed from the master, and then if I add that PC in the slave server under the admin kit, it adds it, but says it does not have Kaspersky installed. I have to reinstall from that admin kit to get it noticed. Anyone help?
  3. That's EXACTLY what I was looking for and could not find! Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm running the Kaspersky 6 admin kit and have rolled out KAV for Windows Workstation 6. I need to disable the Self Defense (At least I think that's what I need to do) to be able to use Remote Control software like PCAnywhere or VNC when I am on their PC's if I need to make any changes to the config of KAV Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks
  5. I keep getting this on 1 PC that I install the Network agent on Host is out of control Antivirus application not installed Host has not connected to the Administration Server for a very long time I've manually removed KAV and Agents and even checked to make sure no traces of KAV are there (Folders, registry, etc.) The Network agent does install cleanly. Why do I keep getting this and what can be done to fix this other than redo the whole PC?
  6. I need to know of a way to uninstall Kaspersky Personal Pro 4.5 via command line so I can automate it in a batch file. Anyone have suggestions or syntax of how or even IF this can be done? Thanks
  7. When I try to install Workstation V6 through the admin kit on a PC that already have V5, I get this message: Remote installation failed on the host: Fatal error during installation. (Attention! Some incompatible software is installed on your computer. These applications cannot be used together with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations. In order to proceed with the installation, remove these applications.) It's a nice message, but does not tell me WHAT the application is that is incompatible. How can I find this out?
  8. No Luck Even removed V6 on the PC and still cannot get in. I'd hate to lose all the settings and everything in the admin kit. Is there a way to "Force" myself in? Brian
  9. Stopped and restarted MSSQLServer and started Kaspersky Administration Server. Started Admin Kit, Same thing. Brian
  10. I've exited workstation and still cannot bring up the Admin Kit. Brian
  11. Help! I'm doing testing with the latest admin kit on my laptop. Using MSDE. I had KAV 5 on the same laptop. When I deployed Workstation 6 to my laptop (The same laptop that has the Admin Kit on), I am not able to open the admin kit again! It tries to open the database on port 13000, but never does. I've specified localhost (which worked before) as well as my IP address, with no luck. I'm only installing the File and Mail portions of KAV 6 workstation. Any ideas as to what's stopping it from loading? All help would be appreciated Brian
  12. Cannot install locally as I am not in the same country as the PC. It does show the service in computer management as manual, and looks like it won't start. As for infection, I doubt it as it had Mcafee installed and was working fine. Brian
  13. Installation service started on host, now waiting for results. It's Windows XP with SP2. Same as all the others I am doing. Network Agent is V5.0.1152 This worked on almost all my PC's, but not this one. Brian
  14. Hi All! I've got a PC that just will not install the Agent. It says that it is waiting for results, and just sits there. Also, I've tried to install the Agent using VNC or RDP, and get an error. I also cannot install the KAV Workstation when using RDP or VNC also Any ideas? Have a deadline of Wed. Thanks Brian
  15. Create custom remote installation package based on your script How Do I Do That??? Create remote installation package for KAV for WKS and deploy it on the required computers. Deploying using the admin kit or login scipt? Brian
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