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  1. Try to check in the control panel about installed programs or the folder installation of net agent (usually C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Network Agent 8). If it's exists, then you have installed the net agent.
  2. Sorry, i gave wrong information. It wasn't printer with usb dongle, but it is a common usb printer.. and read as a removable drives Dear Kaspersky team please help me with this problem
  3. Hi all, I have a Brother DCP-J125 printer that used usb dongle. Why this usb dongle read as a removable drives? It's a bug or else? I'm using KSC 9 and KES 8. Cheers.
  4. Why are you so sure that it caused by Kaspersky? What happen if you disabled or uninstall Kaspersky?
  5. 1. For deploying license, you can create group task for license installation under managed computers group in master administration server. And then check send to slave administration servers checkbox in the task properties. 2. i don't know how to resolve this. Maybe someone else will help you.
  6. Hi, Maybe i missed the information in the KES 8 changelog. I just wanted to ask, whether KES 8 for Windows still has the anti-spam features (just like in KAV for Win Wks 6)? Is there a way to add email addresses as a white list on KES 8 for Windows? Cheers.
  7. It's depend on how you use your mbp. But for me..yes it's bad enough. Antivirus will still running like usual, except updating antivirus databases. Read this for the details.
  8. Have you try to delete the computer and add it again from KSC like Helmut said? If the problem still insist then try to check the unprocessed object from the client directly.
  9. Add the KAV for Win Wks installation package first in the KSC repositories. :bt:
  10. Try to delete the task and create a new one.
  11. Yeah..same with me. If this is really a bug, i hope Kaspersky can fix it asap
  12. Thanks Helmut. But is there another way without adding "Computer" objects? Because it'll take a lot of time to scan all objects under "Computer" Well, actually i found a way to add "task for specific computer" and the scanned the objects is just like in this article. I just copy the default "full scan" for KES 8 group task and paste it under "task for specific computer". Apart from that, i still don't know how to add another objects manually just like carlosco612 did
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